My top 10 stylish changing bags – that are not ‘mumsy’

 changing bags

A changing bag.

An essential piece of equipment that every mother has. Let’s face it ladies when you have a baby we can kiss the handbag goodbye and say hello to the practical frumpy ugly changing bag. The handbag get’s pushed to the back of the cupboard for at least the first year of having a baby. Your purse get’s thrown into the changing bag along with the nappies, bottles wipes and everything else that gets crammed in their that is ‘essential’.

Your average changing bag is just plain old ‘naff’. Don’t get me wrong I am currently using the changing bag that came with my pushchair. It’s bright yellow with black leaves over it, it matches the material of the pram but it lacks in the stylish department. The fun and practical department it ticks all the boxes but that style it just doesn’t cut the mustard.

When you become a mum it’s easy to fall into the trap of becoming ‘mumsy’. I have, and still am in the ‘mumsy’ stage of having kids. But their are ways we can still have style and be ‘mumsy’ at the same time. Why should we conform to the ‘mumsy’ changing bag as well, isn’t the fact we don’t have time to put make up on or can’t wear anything nice without it having puke stains on it. Thank you babies for that.

It’s time I had a nice new changing bag that checks a few more boxes other than fun and functional. I have searched and these are MY top 10 stylish changing bags that don’t scream ‘mumsy’.

top 10 non mumsy changing bags

10 stylish changing bags

  1. Storsak Sofia changing bag – £250 – John Lewis

2. Summer infant midnight Moroccan changing bag – £34.99 – Mothercare

3. Babymoov style maternity bag – £49.99 _Mothercare

4. Mamas and Papas Parker changing bag – £99 – Mothercare

5. Pink Lining Notting hill tote busy bee £75 – Amazon

6. Storsak Elizabeth changing bag – £199.95 – John Lewis

7. Nova Harley Luxury changing bag Brisbane – £177.99 – Amazon

8. Lassig Green Label Urban Bag – £99.95 – Kiddicare

9. Isoki changing bag – £59.95 – Kiddicare

10. Babymoov glitter bag – £84.99 – House of Fraser


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My Bi-weekly meal planning Monday

meal planning monday


We have had a little bit of a change when it comes to some of my post’s. I have spent the past week trying to get my schedule a little more organised. My weekly meal plan was one of those posts that needed a little attention. I found that I would do a post one eek which kept me organised however the following week I would miss a post and be completely dis-organised when it came to meal times. So I have decided to do a bi-weekly meal planning post on a Every other Monday starting today. Each post will have a two week plan plus a round up on how the last meal plan went.

week 1


Monday is always if it/leftover night this is unlikely going to change.


The kids go to nanny’s on a Tuesday so it’s its just me and the hubby for tea – therefore we usually have burgers, chilli or something similar


Lasagne, salad and garlic bread


Left over lasagne


Pizza night every Friday


Chicken wings, pasta salad and chips – I know double carbs but it’s the hubbys favourite


Roast chicken anyone?

week 2


Monday is always if it/leftover night this is unlikely going to change.


The kids go to nanny’s on a Tuesday so it’s its just me and the hubby for tea – therefore we usually have burgers, chilli or something similar


Homemade chicken kebabs, salad and pitta bread


Chicken wrapped in bacon & rice


Pizza night every Friday


Spicy sausage pasta sauce


Pork chops and mash


My Sunday Photo 10 – birthday flowers



I missed Last weeks Sunday photo. It was a hectic week with both mine and my sisters birthday. But I am back this week with a photo from my birthday. My husband had some beautiful flowers and vase delivered to my door for my birthday. I love flowers, they can make any occasion feel special, and I certainly felt that. I loved my flowers and they are still sat in my living room today after being delivered 12 days ago.


sunday photo








Happy List 9



A happy list is a place of positivity. When your feeling blue or under the whether you can make a happy list to cheer yourself up, to remind you of the happy times you have been through. I love reading these types of posts.

Let’s begin, with the things that make me most happy, the things throughout the week that have made me smile and the things I am grateful for and have loved. Continue reading

Weekly top 5 blogging good reads

blogging good reads

I’m back with a second week of my weekly top 5 blogging good reads. I read a lot of blogs, even more now that I am a blogger. Want to see what I have read this week keep reading.


My Top 5 blogging good reads of the week

sparkles and stretchmarks


I love posts that are informative, Hayley from sparkles and stretchmarks wrote a great piece on How I earn £1000 a month from blogging as a follow up from her post working with brands & not underselling yourself. Hayley opens up on how she goes about working with brands, for me as a newbie blogger I find this type of post invaluable. I am truly thankful to Hayley for posting it. I happened to have my first email from a brand and her post really helped me.


blogging good reads


Meet Laura over at Dear Bear and Beany. Laura is a mother to two beautiful little girls. This week she wrote a lovely letter to her big girl speaking of what makes her daughter special, sibling love and learning to become a mum for the first time. It was beautiful and reminded me that this has been on my to do blog list for a while now. Thank you Laura for a lovely post your daughter will treasure as she gets older and reminding me to get writing my own letters.


blogging good reads


I read A Cornish mum – Stevies post on Our Garden Mission and I feel her pain I really do. All she wants is the garden to be finished and wooden shed to be gone. We are also currently living with a and upside down garden that seems to be in a never ending mess.


motherhood the real deal


I couldn’t help the tiny giggling fit I had when I read Talya  from motherhood the real deals post on The 10 best names for a vagina. I don’t think I even knew half of them – How many do you know?


over heavens hill


Have you met Geraldine from over heaven’s hill. If you haven’t checked out her blog already you should. I read Geraldine’s post on I need your vote this week and went straight ahead and voted for her. She hasn’t been blogging for very long but boy has she come far. I love her blog and think she is doing an amazing job. Go ahead – check out her blog and vote if you think it’s as great as I do!


getting organised in the land of blog

getting organised


Lately I have been trying to get a little bit more organised in the world of blogging. I found I would have a really good week where I was writing and scheduling posts right up until the end of the next week and things would go smoothly. Then the week would fly by,it would all disappear and I was back to square one with no posts scheduled. I would end up writing posts on the spur of the moment, usually in the morning and posting them in the evening.

So I considered it time to create a schedule of post types for each day so I know where I stand before creating an editorial calendar for the next few months.

In my first few months of blogging I definitely fell into the category of too much too soon. In the beginning I was posting everyday, if not two or three times a day. It didn’t feel like a chore, I really enjoyed cranking the posts out. I wanted to build content to make this little blog worth reading. I know have over 100 posts! But the thought always crossed my mind – Can I keep it up?

Then the summer holidays hit and everything turned upside down. I lost concentration and didn’t have time to write the posts they way I felt they deserved.

It got me thinking how difficult it could be to keep up the same work load when I returned to my job next month after maternity leave. I love my little blog and don’t want to give it up, it’s become a big part of who I am now in such a short space of time. When I return to work I will be going back to my usual position and working evenings however, this is when I do most of my blogging. As my work schedule is week on week off I will need to fit time to write all two weeks worth of posts in my week off.

So this week is all about taking the time and getting organised. The schedule is done, now I am moving onto the editorial calendar and scheduling tweets, facebook and instagram in the hopes of getting ahead.

Are you an organised blogger? Do you have and tips and tricks to help me on my journey? Please take a minute to leave me a comment with your advise and words of wisdom, I can use all the help I can get!