The Weekend didn’t go as I planned

the weekend

This weekend was supposed to a good weekend to a) have a lie in and b) clean completely through top to bottom. Did it go to plan? No! When does it ever go to plan. Not in our house it doesn’t. BG1 has been doing fun fit at school since starting back after Christmas and has to be at school by 8:30am. It’s exhausting! However we have been getting on with it.

This weekend was my weekend off from work and I had planned to lie in until atleast 9am. However the kids had other ideas. BG2 & LM both woke at 6:30am Saturday and climbed into bed with me seeing as Daddy fell asleep on the sofa. Sunday BG2 had a restless sleep and was awake on and off since 2:30am, LM followed suit at 6am. So my all important lie in was a big flop.

We had also planned to clean the entire house. The living room has been aquiring so many toys lately and none of them have been returning to the bedrooms. The hubby has also found is love for Airfix models again so this has also been spread over the dining table.

This week the kids bunk beds arrived and will be put together this week. We are planning on putting BG1 & LM in the same room for a while as they are closer in age than BG1 & BG2. Therefor we were also gong to sort out BG1’s bedroom and figure out where everything is going to go, also didn’t happen. Although BG1 did put away the last of her Christmas presents that were pled up in her bedroom.

So what did I do all weekend I hear you ask?

Well I did manage to put away the clean washing. We also set up the wii so BG1 could play her new game. I have restarted the Twilight movies much to my husbands delight.

Also this week even though I feel maybe this should have it’s own post, BG2 finally took her first steps. She is not very confident at the moment and tends to move just one foot resulting in walking around in circles. But she has done it. We are so proud of her and all her acheivemnets she has made since being born. It wont be long now before she is running all over the place creatng havoc where ever she goes.

This evening LM & BG2 were playing ball it was so adorable, BG2’s laugh is so infectious. The past few months I have struggled to create a balance with work, family and my blog.

This week I plan to sit down and make a new editorial calendar in order to help me get posts ready in time instead of lacking.  

How did you spend your weekend? Was it as lazy as mine?

January Bucket List 2017

January bucket list 2017


Its now 2017 and this year is going to be better than ever. I don’t know why but I just believe it will be. So December has been and gone in a blur. The house continues to fall apart, with now a toilet out of use. I really should remember to call the plumber. How did we get on with our December bucket list.


December 2016 bucket list round up

  • Make mince pie muffins. Last year I made around 100 muffins for family. I don’t need that many this year but I do have seven jars of mincemeat to use up. I now have six jars of mince meat left! I made one batch of mince pie muffins which were lovely. I only ate one as I made them for a friend but didn’t find the time o make anymore batches.
  • Wrap the Christmas presents before Christmas Eve. Each year the hubby and I would sit down on Christmas Eve wrapping the kids presents. Last year we were up until half past one wrapping! Not this year, we have an extra child to wrap for this year, I will be wrapping before Christmas Eve. I thought wrapping would never end. I managed to wrap most of the presents before Christmas eve. However I went seriously overboard on gifts this year so the playmobil we bought as a joint present went unwrapped and piled in a tower instead.
  • Bake Christmas biscuits & Mince pies with the kids. Didn’t happen, bought the ingredients but we never got round to baking.
  • Make Paper chains and Paper Christmas hats with the kids. Crafting didn’t go to plan either.
  • Go Walking around the town looking at Christmas lights. Nope!
  • Deliver Christmas gifts. We did this and it took so much longer than I thought it would. All day in fact.
  • Read Christmas stories to the kids. We had new Christmas books to re
  • Watch Christmas movies. This was easy, in fact we watched a Christmas movie everyday.
  • Have fun with the Scout Elves that stay at our house each year. (Yes we do Elf on the shelf) The elves go up to their mischief and left little gifts too.
  • Celebrate the Hubby’s 30th Birthday. Me and the hubby we out for a meal with his sister and her husband. We then all came back to ours for a few drinks and a game of pointless! I lost but was a good night.
  • Put the Christmas decorations up after LM’s Birthday. The decorations did indeed go up after his birthday. Even though we didn’t put up as many as we usually do.

January’s bucket list is going to be simple because let’s face it December is always so busy you really do need a month to get over it.

January 2017 bucket list

  • Buy the kids bunk bed & move LM & BG1 into the same room
  • Move BG2 out of our bedroom and into a room of her own (not sure this will happen just yet I am quite attached to having her in our room.)
  • Lose 6lb’s
  • Make a list of jobs that need completing around the house
  • Buy BG1’s Birthday Presents
  • That reminds me buy the mother in law a birthday present – she turns 50 in februaury
  • Eat healthier
  • Get reading with the kids

2017 bucket list

I have been reading Donna’s blog What the red head for quite sometime now and I love the way she does her bucket lists. Making a list of things her and her family would like to do and achieve for that year. It means no time scale on any such thing and then once you have completed an item you cross it of the list. So I have done a years bucket list in addition to my regular bucket list.

  • a night away with the hubby
  • girlie night at the cinema
  • date night
  • finish first draft of book
  • refurbish the bathroom
  • go ice skating
  • see a comedian
  • BG2 Christening
  • have a cocktail night
  • save enough money to move house
  • go on a family weekend away
  • take a trip to Boscastle
  • Finish the garden
  • Lose 2st
  • Organise the downstairs cupboard
  • Watch a theatre show
  • visit the zoo
  • see fireworks
  • try upcycling
  • sew something
  • read a new book every month

Happy New Year 2017

happy new year 2017

I am a little late to the party HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

It’s January 2017! Seriously January 2017 where did Christmas go? I haven’t written a blog post in like 2 weeks. Truthfully I just havent felt like it, which is a real shame because I really shut off for these two weeks and didn’t get a single picture of the christmas holidays to share with you. I didn’t take any pictures of the kids in their christmas jumpers at the panto, or pictures of them decorating the tree. I didn’t take pictures of the kids on christmas morning opening their presents or playing with their new toys. Which actually is really bazaar for me because I love christmas. This year though it just didn’t feel like christmas to me. We didn’t put up all our decorations, I didn’t take the kids to any christmas parties or light switch ons, it all felt pretty naf.

Maybe it was because I had work over christmas. Christmas eve and boxing day I worked as well as the rest of that week, I was so used to having the entire holiday with the kids that I had forgotten how much it sucks to work over christmas.

So what is this year going to bring for us. Well hopefully it will be better than 2016. 2016 was all in all a sucky year, so I am hoping this one will be better.

I am determined to shift the weight I have put on since BG2 was born. I really have been feeling sluggish and fat lately so a whole new eating habit needs to be set in place.

If I can stomach it I will be popping my progress here. Probably not every week but at least once a month keeping record of new recipes I have tried, weight I have lost and any new clothes in smaller sizes I have bought.


Tesco Baby Club – Christmas Story Book Review

teswco baby club christmas story book review


We love books, by now if you read my blog regularly you will know this from an earlier post here. A book for Christmas makes a perfect gift. We were asked by Tesco Baby Club to review a couple of Christmas Story books. We love books and we love Christmas, what a great fit.

Tesco Baby Club Peppa's Christmas

Peppa Pig – Peppa’s Christmas

I sat in my chair with B2 nestled in my arms. I pulled out Peppa’s Christmas. She recognised Peppa instantly and showed her eagerness with an ‘ooooooooooo’ and repeating the word ‘Peppa’ I began to read the story to her. She loved to look at the colourful pictures and would reach out and try to grab the characters.

BG2 was excited during the story. She would look up at me, watching me with interest as I read the story to her. Once we had finished a page she eagerly moved onto the next until the book was finished.

Tesco Baby Club Peppa's Christmas

Once we had finished the book BG2 took the book from my hands and sat with it on her lap looking at the pictures and turning the pages.

This book was short and simple, it was short enough to keep a very young child like BG2 engaged in the story. Yet it was also simple enough that a slightly older child learning to read is able to try and read it themselves.

The book was a durable cardboard book so isn’t easily ripped by over excited hands. However BG2 has attempted to eat this book a few times while reading it.

We have read this book a few times now and it has quickly become a favourite of BG2’s . I love the bright pictures and Peppa is a well known loved character which children can instantly engage with.

Tesco Baby Club Peppa's Christmas

Tesco Baby Club Norman the slug that saved christmas

Norman The slug who saved Christmas

My Kids love the collection of books by Sue Hendra, so when Norman the slug that saved Christmas arrived in the post they where eager to read it. This one didn’t disappoint. It was full of entertaining and bright pictures that engaged the children in the story. However there was a few pages that where dark blue with black writing on top which although was still able to read did make it a little more difficult to notice.

They both loved the book. BG1 loved the sleigh Norman the slug made from holly and when he used his slug slime to re seal the presents. LM Loved seeing the snails fly like Santa’s reindeer. But they both agreed that the best part was when Norman pretended to be a bauble and he looked like a snail.

Tesco Baby Club Norman the slug that saved christmas

This story was lovely to read with LM, and BG1 was able to read it herself. They where entertained the whole way through and it was short enough to keep them interested from start to finish.

I love the meaning behind the book about doing the right thing, not taking what is yours and being honest. Promoting good behaviour and kindness. This book was a lovely addition to our Christmas book collection. We would definitely recommend this book to mummy friends with children of the same age.

Tesco Baby Club Norman the slug that saved christmas

*We were sent these books by Tesco Baby Club for the purpose of this review. All opinions and words are my own. This post contains affiliate links which means if you make a purchase through these links I will be compensated with a few pennies at no extra cost to yourself.

5 Minute Fun

5 minute fun


Just five minutes. That’s all you need sometimes. Five minute to dish up tea. Five minutes to hoover. Five minutes to run a bath. Just five minutes is all, Just five minutes. That’s all you need sometimes. five minutes is all us parents ask for.

Let’s face it, kids of a certain age get bored if it takes longer than five minutes, so when we were asked to review the 5 minute fun website we decided to give it a go. Five minutes is not a lot of time. It’s long enough to keep a child entertained without getting bored while you dish up that hot stew that has been cooking all day long.

You can sign up for daily activities to be emailed to you for you and your child to do everyday.
The site has many games and activities to do such as activities to get you moving including a sporty reward chart. Crafty activities to do such as funny folded paper drawings, paper spinners and creative colouring with helpful short videos for your child to watch how to get creating.

The site doesn’t stop there they also have activities to help with learning math, reading and writing.

Pretend you have a pet dinosaur. Is it big? Can it fly? What’s its name?

LM loves dinosaurs so this was a great place to start for him. He had a pet T-Rex that was red and could breath fire. BG1 wanted to join in too and her dinosaur was also a T-Rex named Louis. This led to the pair of them on the floor playing with their pet dinosaurs while I dished up dinner before the hubby returned home from work.

After tea we chose another simple activity. You’re both super heroes. Stand with your hands on your hips, run in slow motion, then pretend to fly! Make up a superhero name and choose a super power.

My two love to pretend to be super heroes, especially on the way to school when their coats make great capes. They flew around the living room like real super heroes saving their stuffed animals.

LM had a look through the website and made a list of all the activities he wanted to try when he is bored or doesn’t have a lot of time.

  • Make funny monsters
  • Make lolly stick people
  • Make a rocket
  • Hatch from an egg
  • Build a tower from cardboard boxes.

Since he wrote this list we have been collecting some cardboard boxes to make building blocks from. He also pretended to be a chick and hatch from an egg.

The website has many different activities for your child to do not just on their own but with a parent also. The activities are aimed at children aged 2-5 however BG1 is 7 and still enjoyed joining in with the activities with LM. The site was easy to navigate with many crafty videos and activities for your child. The various charts that can be printed to encourage your child to get moving and eat healthy are a lovely addition to the site.

Disclosure: I was sent a cbeebies magazine in return for my honest opinion. All words and opinions are my own.

Why I love Christmas

why i love christmas

Eeeeekkk!!! It’s almost here guys! Just over a week before the big day I wait all year for. It’s Christmas everybody and it is my favourite time of year. The 25th of December people either love it or hate it. My husband hates the holiday, he turns into a grumpy old man and can’t wait for it to be over. Me on the other hand has more than enough festive spirit for the both of us. I start buying Christmas prestents in May and buy the time December arrives all I have to do is wrap them. So here are my reasons I love Christmas.

  1.  Magic. Christmas gives you a sense of magic. I feel like a child again. Santa is arriving and comes down your chimney, elves come to life, reindeer flying. Christmas is full of magic.
  2. Christmas food. The most of December is full of feasting with the likes of work parties, Christmas markets, Christmas festivals, Girlie Christmas parties, Christmas day dinner. Oh! Christmas day dinner, the meal of all meals. The turkey that could feed three families even though its just four of you, so you end up eating turkey for the next three days afterwards. All the trimmings, Christmas cake, Christmas pudding. I am sure I will be putting a stone on this Christmas and start endless amount of diets next year.
  3.  Family & Friends. Christmas is the time of year when you get the chance to spend more time with your family and friends. People you don’t usually see throughout the year, enjoying free time that you don’t usually have in the year.
  4. Christmas lights. I love walking through the streets when its dark out and everybody has their lights on their houses. Sparkling and twinkling lights brightens the streets.
  5. Children’s faces. The kids! Christmas is all about the kids. Their faces speak a thousand words on Christmas morning when they see that Santa has arrived Christmas morning, the glass of milk is empty and there are crumbs on the plate where a mince pie once sat. The sparkle and excitement in their eyes is what Christmas is all about for me. My kids.
  6. Christmas songs. Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without the songs in the background. The likes of Shaking Stevens, Wizzard, Jim Reeves and Mariah Carey Are on constant play in our house throughout the week before Christmas.
  7. Christmas movies. Christmas movie nights are the best. Curled up on the sofa in your jammies with a tin of chocolates that we always buy every year even though they are over priced. Christmas movies such as Santa Clause, The Grinch and Muppets Christmas carol.
  8.  Christmas Decorations. This year I haven’t put as many decorations up, usually our house looks like Santa’s grotto, however the tree is always decorated and cluttered just the way we like it. Christmas wouldn’t be the same without decorations.

What do you love about Christmas? How will you be celebrating Christmas this year?

Crayola Doodle Delirium Board Game Review

crayola doodle delirium
If my kids aren’t reading books then they can usually be found playing board games. On a Friday night we have a family night which we also use this time to get board games out to play together.

Board games go down so well with children and make a fabulous christmas gift for children of all ages.
We were delighted to get the opportunity to review the new Crayola Doodle Delirium.

This is just one of Crayola’s new set of games which also include 3 2 1 Draw & Scribble Scramble. While 321 Draw & Scribble Scramble are aimed at children 6 and above Doodle delirium is aimed at children aged 8.

crayola doodle delirium

BG1 is almost 8 and this game was a perfect fit for her, LM who is five joined in too with a little help from me so he could be included with the game playing which worked out well.

We Teamed up boys against girls – me & BG1 and daddy & LM. One of you needs to doodle and the other person needs to guess.

There are four pip squeck counters included in the set, the kids loved these they were so cute and fun looking.

crayola doodle delirium

There are also a set of playing cards in four different catagories. These are Oodle Doodles, Scribble Riddles, Model Madness and paper mash-ups.

crayola doodle delirium

Starting from the youngest (LM) went first to roll the dice. The colour the dice lands on is the colour of card you pick up. Once you have completed a task, if your partner guessed correctly you move o that colour space.

crayola doodle delirium

We found that model madness was great fun but our model making had little to be desired. BG1 on the other hand found making the models great fun and easily made many shapes and objects.

crayola doodle delirium

crayola doodle delirium

Oodle Doodles was also a very entertaining category having to draw with your eyes closed, with the wrong hand or by guiding your partners hand.

crayola doodle delirium

These two categories were our favourite.

Paper mash up was also simple enough for everyone to play tearing and drawing on paper.

The category that we all found difficult was the Scribble Riddles were you had to draw a person, movie, pop song or sayings. The problem was that many of the people on the cards my kids had never heard of like Brad Pitt and Madonna. There were a few that we could do such as Mickey Mouse.

Overall the kids liked this game and got excited when it was their turn to draw or make a model.

My Little Man is five

my little man is five

Five years today I had a beautiful 6lb 6oz baby boy in my arms. A boy that captured my heart and continues to keep that heart locked in his tiny hugs. Hugs that are so damn adorable I may just burst one day. If you haven’t read little mans birth story you should check it out here.

Five years! Where the hell has that time gone? Five years and my little man is the sweetest, confident and kind hearted little boy I know.

Today we are celebrating with tea at McDonalds with his little girlfriend. (I know cute right my five year old has a girlfriend. They have been inseparable since they started nursery when they were three.)

Since I started blogging six months ago! I know six months that’s huge and I completely forgot to do a six month bloggiversary post, probably because the baby has had a chest infection and been very poorly. Any way, in that six months I have read many other bloggers kids birthday post which included a questionnaire. A questionnaire asked to the child to look back on as they grown and their thoughts, need and feelings change over the years. I love this idea and so decided to ask Little Man a bunch of questions for this post.

happy birthday little man

Little Man – Birthday questionnaire aged 5

Who is your favourite person?
My girlsfriend and you *hugs and squeezes me tight*

What is your favourite colour?
Red & Golden

What is your favourite television show?
Lightening McQueen

Whats your favourite cereal?
Weetabix & Rice krispies

What do you want to be when you grow up?
A daddy

happy birthday little man

Whats your favourite book?
Cars 2

Where do you want to go on holiday?
The Bach when I am a daddy

What would you spend £1000 on?
Lots of things! That, that, that, that, that and that

What vegetable to you hate?
Peas! *not a moments hesitation*

What would you wish for?
That we had a car

happy birthday little man

What’s your favourite ice cream?
Vallila, strawberry & chocolate

Who is your biggest hero?
My Sister

What would you like to get to do before your next birthday?
Have breakfast in bed

How old are you?

Whats your favourite thing to do?
Playing cars

happy birthday little man

What’s your favourite food?

What do you like to do as a family?
Hug them! *squeezes me & BG1*

What is your favourite toy?
Hot Wheels

What makes you happy?
You! *gives me a big hug – I was on a roll with all this hugging!*

What makes you sad?
When BG1 get’s angry

happy birthday little man

What do you think about when you fall asleep?
Funny stuff

What is your favourite song?
Lightening Mcqueen song *if you don’t know it is life is a highway by Rascal Flatts

What scares you?

What is your favourite animal?
Sheep & cows, giraffes & snakes

Whats your favourite dinosaur?
Stegosaurus & T-Rex

Give a Book for Christmas

give a book for christmas


Christmas is a time for family. A time for giving your time, and a time to enjoy with the people you love around you. What better way to spend time with your child than curled up on a cosy chair reading a family favourite book.

I love reading with my children and there are so many reasons why you should read with your child. Books make a wonderful gift to give to everybody at Christmas. From a small baby to a young child, a Teenager, a Mother, or Grandparents. There are so many books to be chosen from.

Whether you love great big adventures, want to fly across the sky, walk on the moon, or want to transport to a whole new world. There is a book out there for everybody.

We are taking part in the BritMums and Penguin Random house children’s Books Christmas Present Challenge!

Penguin random house sent us 3 books to wrap up and give as gifts for Christmas. So what did we receive?

The Racehorse who couldn’t gallop.

What girl hasn’t dreamt of owning her very own pony. I am sure my daughter has, I know I did when I was her age. She loves reading. She spends every evening reading in bed and aspires to be a writer herself just like her favourite author Roald Dahl.

This book will keep her very entertained especially knowing it contains a farting pony named Percy. What is it with kds and farting?

the race horse that couldn't gallop

Diary of a Wimpy Kid

We also received The Diary of a Wimpy kid – Double down. This book has been onBG1’s Christmas list for quite some time, it is something that has caught her attention and she is eager to read it. But I am sure this book won’t just be enjoyed by her but also my son – and the hubby will enjoy reading it to them too.

diary of a wimpy kid

Girl online going solo

Lastly we were sent Girl online going solo. This book is for the slightly older girl and my younger cousin is sure to love it. I took a sneaky peek and I am tempted to give it a read myself before it gets wrapped up in bows.

gift a book for christmas

Books in our house are treasured. I was brought up to love and take care of my books. My mum, as I grew out of the books packed them away in a large suitcase ready for when I had my own children.

Well that day came and when they were old enough we brought the suitcase down from the loft. Opening the suitcase revealed a reasure trove of books. Books ranging from Roald Dahl’s Matilda to Quentin Blakes all join in, C.S.Lewis Chronicles of Narnia to A.A.Milne Winnie the Pooh.

Now these books have been passed onto my own children. Many of them I received as gifts for Christmas. My mum would write the year we received it in the corner of the inside cover.

My daugter is now a huge fan of Roald Dahls Matilda and James and the giant peach thanks to my old book collection.

What was my favourite book when I was a child?

There are so many it makes it hard to choose, but the one that sticks out the most is Dorothy Edwards My naughty little sister. Mainly because when I read this book as a child I could relate to the character telling the story because I had a naughty little sister myself.

What books are on your Christmas list this year? What was your favourite book growing up?

First Day Of December 2016

first day of december 2016
Hello first day of December. I still can’t quite get over that it is the first day of December already. With the first day of December arrives our house guests the Elves. This will be the fourth Christmas SnowAngel has stayed with us and the second year for her brother Chippy.

We woke up this morning and the temperature had dropped significantly. I tiptoed to the boiler and turned on the heating. The roads, pavements and cars were covered in ice. Jack Frost had spread his magic during the night. Winter is well and truly here ready to make the month of December cold and magical.
I love the winter, minus the rain. The hats , scarves and gloves are out. The heating is on and the hot chocolate is being made – marshmallows and cream are a must.

elf on a shelf

With the Elves arrival also brings the first day of advent. I don’t by the chocolate calendars from the supermarket. They just aren’t what they used to be. The chocolates are smaller and are a bit naff to say the least. Each year out comes our fabric calendar that my parents used for me and my sisters when I was younger. I fill it with chocolate coins and chocolate santas.


In our house the Elves are not as naughty as some of the scout Elves I know. They don’t like too much mess, they do however like to bring small gifts throughout December like Christmas story books, colouring books, socks and mugs.

On our way to school this morning we wrapped up warm and tread carefully, making sure we did not slip on the icy ground. Everything was was with frost.

Jack Frost

LM has another cough – his fourth since September, so we are spending the day on the sofa with a large pile of Christmas movies to make our way through.

I even managed to open my new slow cooker and have an oxtail stew bubbling away for tea tonight. The perfect comfort food for the start of December.

We won’t be putting our decorations up until after LM’s birthday next week however tomorrow we will be getting festive with Christmas songs and helping Nanny put her tree up.

You can find out what we are upto this December here

December 2016 bucket list

December 2016 bucket list

Were has November gone! What happened, did I sleep through the entire month because I don’t have a clue how we got to December so fast! One minute I was writing about October and Halloween and now Christmas is just a few weeks away. November has been a blur and nothing much has gotten done that includes housework, blog posts and goals.

I wish these months would go slower but since returning to work at the end of September the months are flying by and I am struggling to keep up with what day and month it is.

Before we find out what’s on the December 2016 bucket list how did we get on with Novembers bucket list?

  • Reach 2000 twitter followers. It may be a push but I think I can do it. I said it would be a push and it really was. My Twitter is currently sat just over 1.5K followers and it hasn’t moved much all month. Probably because I really need a kick up the A***e and start engaging a bit more. I did join in with a twitter party this month which was a first for me. I had stayed clear from them because I wasn’t sure what it involved,however I was really intrigued by the subject so gave it ago. It was lovely when I found out I had won a £25 gift voucher so was well worth joining in.
  • Reach 250 likes on facebook. Maybe. So close yet so far, I reached 220 likes this month so I am not too dissappinted.
  • BOOK THE PANTO!!! Yay!!! I finally completed one!!! We are booked in for the panto a few days before Christmas, we have our favourite seats and can’t wait.
  • Make a Christmas decoration on the sewing machine. I didn’t make any decorations on the sewing machine this month, I did however start making paper origami decorations and PomPoms ready to make a Christmas garland so that’s a start. I just hope the get finished in time for Christmas.


December 2016 bucket list – Christmas


  • Make mince pie muffins. Last year I made around 100 muffins for family. I don’t need that many this year but I do have seven jars of mincemeat to use up.
  • Wrap the Christmas presents before Christmas Eve. Each year the hubby and I would sit down on Christmas Eve wrapping the kids presents. Last year we were up until half past one wrapping! Not this year, we have an extra child to wrap for this year, I will be wrapping before Christmas Eve.
  • Bake Christmas biscuits & Mince pies with the kids
  • Make Paper chains and Paper Christmas hats with the kids
  • Go Walking around the town looking at Christmas lights.
  • Deliver Christmas gifts.
  • Read Christmas stories to the kids
  • Watch Christmas movies
  • Have fun with the Scout Elves that stay at our house each year. (Yes we do Elf on the shelf)
  • Celebrate the Hubby’s 30th Birthday
  • Put the Christmas decorations up after LM’s Birthday

Long list this month, but it’s Christmas it’s always a busy time of year. What’s on your Christmas Bucket list?


december 2016 bucket list



My Sunday Photo week 18

sunday photo week 18



SO as most of you know, I limit the amount I show of my kids. Whether it be of their feet, hands, shoulders below or side profile. I agreed with my partner that I wouldn’t show their full for face as he wasn’t comfortable with it. I have been taking more and more picture’s from the back of the head. It seems to be working and actually I have quite a few images now that I like.

This weeks Sunday photo – week 18 is a Picture of LM at Exmoor Zoo walking the trail in the Autumn.


Week 18


my sunday photo week 18