Weekly top 5 blogging good reads week 5 blog photos

blogging good reads week 5 blog photos   Lately I have been trying to take more photos for my big, rather than using so many stock images. Even though I love stock images, taking your own photos showcases your own talent. As most of you will know I try not to show my kids faces in my photo’s and have been trying to learn different techniques and angles to do so. I have recently also started doing reviews and new blog posts that require taking photos of objects. It’s not as easy as it may seem. This week I have come across some posts that not only have lovely photographs but also have handy tips to help you take your own stunning photos.

Blogging good reads week 5 Blog photos

skinned car tree Have you come across Corinne over at skinnedcartree yet. If you haven’t then you should most definitely head that way and give her a read. I recently read her post – My blog photo set up. She shows you how she has her dresser set up as a permanent place to take her flat lays. Her blog is full of beautiful photos and flat lays. Now I really want a spot in my house to have a set up like hers but all my space is covered in play doh, paint and playmobil. someones mum Like me Danielle loves a good stock image. Who doesn’t? She recently wrote a post comparing stock images to her real life images. I think all us mums can relate to the images, I know this is what would be behind any of my images. I love the comparison. a side of sweetKelly over at a side of sweet gives you some inspiration on cheap backgrounds to photograph food. It’s a great read with some fabulous ideas for backgrounds not only for food but can also be used with fashion/makeup bloggers or home/interior bloggers. damask love I also very recently came across a post from damask love about how to take blog posts: props & styling. It was written in 2013 however it is still very relevant and gives some great tips and tricks on styling your photos for your blog. 91 magazine Since been wanting to take better photos I have been putting together a small prop box to use with my photos. Over at 91 magazine there is a post with a list of must haves for your blog prop box.  

Five under Five pounds – September 2016

five under five pounds september 2016

I love searching the web and coming across new blogs I have never read before. Last week came across rainbeaubelle, I read a post called five under £5’s. I loved it, I am one for a bargain and love pretty things at a great price. I really enjoyed reading the post and read a few more just like. I decided I wanted to do my own Five under £5 post. So here it is, my first monthly post of five items I have bought that have been less than five pounds.

five for £5 sept 16


First up on my first under five pound find is this concrete star ornament. I came across this ornament while shopping in Dunelm mill while my mum was looking for new bed sheets. I went hunting for new items within the store and fell in love with the inspirational words on the ornament. I also love the fact it is so simple and made from concrete. It is currently displayed in my lounge close to were I write. It was also a bargain at £3.99


five for £5 sept 16


This pretty little heart was another dunelm find. I love little hearts, there are so many different ones around now. Ceramic hearts with words on, woven hearts, felt hearts. This tin heart is so pretty and girlie and colourful, I fell in love with it instantly and new I had to have it to hang on my dresser at £1.49 it was a steal.


five for £5 sept 16


I have been searching for clips for a while now, but have never found them very appealing usually black. I know Poundland have been doing neon ones but never found them in stock in my local one. I then came across these lovelies. I love the little phrases on them. I bought these for 99p from Home Bargains.


five for £5 sept 16


Speaking of Poundland, I have been looking at lots of Bullet journals lately on pinterest. I seem to spend a lot of time on pinterest. Many of the bullet journals use washi tape, so as I want to start my own bullet journal I was impressed to find these in my local Poundland. At £1 for a roll of three I couldn’t resist buying three packs.


five for £5 sept 16

Lastly in this months five under five pounds are these nail wraps. I have recently been reading about Jamberry nails and couldn’t wait to try a sample. I mean I really couldn’t wait, so much so I found these similar nail wraps in my local beauty outlet store for 99p. They didn’t last as long as Jamberry nails but they were so pretty and I had lots of compliments the entire five days I wore them.


five for £5 sept 16


five under five pounds -september 2016


Let’s get crafting Harry Potter Wands

harry potter wands

My kids love watching the Harry Potter movies! It is usually on at least once a week. On walks out it isn’t unusual for us to pick up sticks and use them as wands putting spells on each other as we go. It makes for a very entertaining trip to the supermarket.

So I took a search on good old pinterest for ways to make a wand, I had a rough idea of how to do it but just wanted to make sure I was taking the right route. There were so many tutorials on how to make a Harry Potter wand. So I guess I am adding to the bunch.

You will need

  • chopsticks
  • a glue gun & glue sticks
  • Acrylic paint – (we used Brown, black and gold the most)
  • Accents – gems, marbles, 3d paint – anything you want to decorate your wand – we used gem split pins.

harry potter wand

let’s get started – Harry Potter wands

First you need to heat up your glue gun so the glue is easier to apply. It can be really slow if it’s not warmed up properly.

Grab a chopstick. We started with the split pin’s. We had jewel split pins to add to the top of the wand. I firstly bent the pins to it would sit on top. I added a blob of hot glue at the end and sank the pin into it. Adding extra glue around the sides to secure the split pin in place and creating a handle.

harry potter wands

Next came making the design. Randomly use your hot glue to make patterns on your wand. This could be drips going length ways down the wand, or little rings around the wand. However you fancy there isn’t a wrong way of putting the glue on your wand. But do watch your fingers, it is hot glue and can burn. You can even add seed beads to the wet glue to add texture. Also this would be a good time to add any other gems, sequins are accents to your wand.

harry potter wands

Leave to dry completely.

Then we are ready to Paint. Again paint your wand whatever colour you want. We stuck with brown’s, black, and gold. Lave to dry before playing with the wand. If you want the wand to last longer add a layer of varnish.

Then you are ready to play.

My kids love there wands and play with them regularly, even on our walks. I will hold my hands up high on this one – I made a wand for myself too!!

harry potter wands


My little Girl- Now you are one year old

now you are one


Wow it has been one year already. I’m not really sure how we got to this milestone so quickly. It only feels like yesterday that we brought you home from the hospital after a long seven week stay.

There were moments in your stay at hospital that we were unsure whether you would be celebrating your first birthday with us. But like the impressive soldier that you are, you fought your way through all the bad days and made us stronger with your determination. From the first time I held you to your first bottle, the first nappy I changed and the first bath I gave you – I remember it all.

first time i held you

Today is a strange one, even though I am excited that we are celebrating your first birthday I still cant get my head around that the fact it has been a year already.

This week I returned to work, even though you probably haven’t realised I have not been here the last couple of days. My return to work was not an easy decision to make. I have been very protective of you for so long, it has been strange to let go of you a little. To not spend every waking hour with you.

You are now crawling, and standing against furniture, the next steps are not far behind. Your speed of development is astounding us all as we watch your change from a baby into a toddler.


now you are one

Your goofy little smile brightens my day from the moment you open your eyes in the morning, until they close once again in the evening. A smile that doesn’t end with your eyes but travels throughout your entire expression and ends in those big blue eyes you have. A smile so unforgettable.

I have to work this evening, so I will miss the little tea party you will have with your brother and sister for your birthday. But rest assured that when I arrive home later this evening when you are fast asleep, I will quietly open the door to my bedroom and silently walk inside. I will be at the side of your cot and kneel down to be closer to you. My hand will slip inside the bars as I place it upon your cheek as you soundly sleep. I will wish you a happy birthday once again as I remember the moment you entered this world. And I will wish upon you the beauty of the world, and spirit of adventure.

I still remember that moment the pregnancy test turned positive, the moment I shared an email picture of it with your daddy. I remember that excitement I felt when we found out you were a little girl. And I remember the day you were born, as if it was yesterday.


I love that you can turn on the xbox and continue to do so even though we have told you No a hundred times. I love the way you say fishies and show off your goofy teeth. I love how you pull me in tight for a kiss and snuggle so close under my chin. I love how excited you get when we sing ‘if your happy and you know it’. I love your enjoyment of splashing when taking a bath. I love the way you yell ‘mum’ in the mornings looking for my attention.

I love you so much and more every single day. I am excited what your future holds for you, the opportunities you will come across and the obstacles you will overcome.

Today sweetheart you turn one year old, but today is just the beginning. Today marks the page of a new chapter for all of us.

When you are older and maybe you would have read this remember I love you with everything I have.


Love you always my precious little girl.


Your mummy xXx

Happy list 12

A happy list is a place of positivity. When your feeling blue or under the whether you can make a happy list to cheer yourself up, to remind you of the happy times you have been through. I love reading these types of posts.

Let’s begin, with the things that make me most happy, the things throughout the week that have made me smile and the things I am grateful for and have loved.

My happy list 12

  • Reaching 1000 twitter followers. Honestly I wasn’t sure it would ever happen, it seemed to hover around 850/900 for so long. But I finally made it, that makes me really happy.



1000 twitter followers

  • Disney ornaments. I love collecting Disney ornaments. Many have gotten broken by the kids and cat but the few I have left I just love. I have added a few new ones to my collection and have a few more on my wish list.


  • Nail wraps. So I found Jamberry nails recently. I was being sent a sample from a consultant but couldn’t wait to try nail wraps. I found some cheaper versions in a local beauty outlet which were beautiful. They didn’t last as long as Jamberry nail wraps but they were so pretty.

nail wraps i feel pretty

  • Dipping platters. It was my mums birthday this week, me and my sisters treated her to lunch and we couldn’t leave without finishing lunch with a milk chocolate dipping platter.

dipping platter

happy list 12

My advice to you on your 18th Birthday

my advice to you

My little cousin turns 18 today! I say ‘little’ because I still think of her as the little girl dancing on the picnic table in our garden in a tutu. Or the little girl I used to babysit and make up bedtime stories of the Malteaser princess to get her to sleep (not that she ever did go to sleep). I really cannot believe that it has been 18 years since she was born. It really does put into perspective for me how quickly things change, how time is forgotten and how even though we grow older we still feel young (most days – unless the baby has been up since 5am and your surviving on extra strong coffee).

It doesn’t feel that long ago when I turned 18. It really does feel like a year or two ago. It wasn’t – it has been ten years since I turned 18.

Ten years ago I hadn’t met my husband, I wasn’t a mummy and I didn’t know what I wanted to be when I was older – and still don’t have a clue. At 18 I was a supervisor at a lingerie store, I had just finished my A levels and didn’t have a clue how the world worked! If I’m honest I am probably still a little clueless.

In the last ten years I went to Disney land Paris (twice) met my husband which spiralled into a huge amount of life changing events. I had my first baby, got married, had my second baby, fell in love with books and writing, changed jobs a few times, had a third baby, realised that life is so precious, bought a house, bought a cat to put in the house I bought and started blogging.

Ten years doesn’t feel long at all and sometimes I wish I could go back and do things differently. But life isn’t about having regrets or changing what has been, it’s about learning from those mistakes and regrets and doing things the way you choose. The way you want to do them.

So I would like to give my 18 year old cousin some advice (if you can call it that), that I wish I knew when I was 18.

  • Don’t be in a rush to grow up and do it all at once, you have time, even if it does go super fast. Do what you want when you want to do it, you shouldn’t live your life on somebody else’s time line. Or be in a rush to do all those grown up things that can wait until you have finished having fun.
  • Have fun! Have so much fun you get dizzy, but always stay safe. Let someone know what you are doing and who you are with. No matter how old you are your mum will always worry.
  • You don’t have to know what you want for your future, sometimes we aren’t supposed to know. But if you do know, if you know that it is right for you then go get it with both hands and don’t let go. Put everything you have into it.
  • Travel, whether its travelling just England or the entire world just do it. There will be a time where it is too late and one of those things you will regret.
  • Lastly save your little heart out. Being good with money is a must for anybody.

I hope you have a wonderful 18th birthday beautiful girl x