Prestige Christmas Hamper

prestige christmas hamper









Christmas! I finally get to start to talk about Christmas. A time of year I love. A time full of joy and magic. Children’s faces full of excitement and wonder.  Decorations line the streets and houses. Excitement builds and builds.

There is one thing I don’t like about Christmas and that is the difficulty I find each year gift giving to a few people. The kind of people you maybe don’t know too well to buy a personal gift, an elderly relative or a neighbour you know is spending Christmas alone this year.

I feel food is the way to go for these types of gifts. Not just any food but luxury food, food you know wouldn’t buy themselves. I personally would love to receive a Christmas hamper as a gift. So I got extremely excited when I received a Christmas hamper from Prestige.

prestige christmas hamperThe hamper arrived in a  well-packaged cardboard box and my excitement grew. When I opened the box I was greeted with a lovely presented wicker hamper. I just loved the gift tag attached to it. It made it feel very special and luxurious.

Inside all the items were well packaged with plenty of stuffing so no accidents and breakages could occur.

Upon opening the box it did not take very long for packages to get opened. BG2 and I immediately sat down with the packet of Belgium curls.

prestige christmas hampers it wasn’t the first time I have tried these curls, in fact they are some of my favourite. I was a little reluctant to share with BG2 if i’m honest.


prestige christmas hampers




We also had my sister-in-law over Friday evening. Of course i have a real hard time sharing food so i did eat the white chocolate before they got there. I did let the hubby have a taste. We both agreed that the chocolate was very nice, it wasn’t overly sweet like white chocolate can be known for.

prestige christmas hampersThe wine was lovely and went down extremely fast that evening. I am not a big wine drinker however i soon found my glass empty.


prestige christmas hampers


Yum! The crisps were also a favourite that night, although my sister-in-law and I finished the lot and the men were left with an empty container.


prestige christmas hampers



prestige christmas hampers


prestige christmas hampers



prestige christmas hampers


prestige christmas hampers


I was very impressed with the quality of products in the hamper. Everything we have tried so far has been lovely.


This would make a lovely gift for a neighbour who is alone this Christmas.

Included in our Prestige hamper:

Founders Stone Merlot 187ml
Founders Stone White Zinfandel 187ml
Founders Stone Pinot Grigio 187ml
Natural Sea Salt Yorkshire Crisps 100g
Pumpkin Seed and Cranberry Biscuits for Cheese 125g
Matthew Walker Luxury Gold Christmas Pudding 100g
English Afternoon Tea 20 Teabags
Honey Blond Chocolate Bar 50g
Belgian Marc de Champagne Fancy Truffles 200g
Belgian Chocolate Caramel Thins 80g
Mackays Scottish Strawberry Preserve 113g
Mackays Dundee Orange Marmalade 113g
Tall Handmade Wicker Basket

The hamper we received was £49.99 and can be found here.

You can find more hampers from Prestige hampers here.

November 2017 Bucket list


november 2017 bucket list

it’s November people.

November 2017 is here. One month closer to Christmas. The time of year of Christma gift guide, Christmas bakes and makes and everything festive. Halloween has past and Holly and Mauled wine are on their way. I love Christmas. The close has gone back, the nights are getting darker earlier the heating will soon be going on. It isn’t raining at the moment, the weather is crisp and fresh and just the way I like it.

How did we get on with October 2017 bucket list

October 2017 bucket list

  • Make Krispie monster treats – We made rice Krispie monsters. They turned out great and the kids loved making them. Even if I did forget to take a picture before they were all demolished.
  • Go trick or treating – This year we decided not to go trick or treating. Even though the kids took some persuading. BG1 had a school trip on Halloween so we got home a lot later than we would usually. So instead we opted for dressing up and handing out sweets, buying a takeaway and watching Halloween movies in the warmth of the house.
  • continue to post once a week I have not been posting once a week this month I have missed a week or so, not so good. But do have a few great reviews coming this way shortly.
  • finish my cross stitch elfBooo!!!! I haven’t finished my cross stitch. I’m not sure how people can cross stick for a long period of time it puts a strain on my eyes.
  • Finish a wire wrap necklace – I finished my wire wrap pendant at least, it wasn’t the best it looked wonky and I wasn’t too happy with it but practice makes perfect I guess.
  • Finish my felted fairy – I haven’t finished the fairy either. Instead, I have been creating more watercolours and hammered copper bangles. I just have to keep trying new things even if the others don’t get finished.
  • Finish another chapter of my story – Another chapter down and moving onto the next one.
  • Start preparing for Christmas – it’s official, I have started my Christmas shopping.


NOvember 2017 bucket list

  • Write another chapter. I will get this book finished!
  • Try more wire wrapping.
  • Practice hand lettering worthy of instagram.
  • Make more hammered jewellery.
  • Finish xmas shopping
  • Find a new course to try

A loved one passed away

my grampy has passed away













  1. The father of one’s father or mother.synonyms: informal grandad, grandpa, grandpop, gramps, grand daddy

At the end of September, my Grampy passed away. This was something that we weren’t expecting, something that happened in a matter of weeks and something that shook my world.

My Grampy died on 25th September 2017 from cancer.

Today I look into the mirror and try to hold it together. Hold it together for my children who are getting ready for school, to them it is just another day. For me, it’s the day we say goodbye to a man who was taken too soon. We celebrate a life that has touched our hearts and lives. A man that earned the named Grampy with 5 stars.

My Grampy was my dads’ stepfather but to me and my sisters and the whole family that didn’t matter. He is a grandfather to us in every way. Even though he was a quiet man and kept himself to his self he was still there when you needed him to be.

When I was young I would often stay with my Grandma and Grampy and enjoyed playing cards with Grampy. Our favourite game was Play your cards right, and even though he was probably bored of playing the game so often he never said no.

When my Grandma passed of lung cancer when I was a teenager my Grampy would come to our house every Tuesday for his tea, sausage, egg and chips. Almost every Tuesday for nearly fourteen years.

And when I had children of my own, he adored them. Even though they were loud and boisterous he had time for them. He was often found on a Tuesday evening playing the chase on the iPad with BG1. Watching them together reminded me so much of me and Grampy when I was young.

And when BG2 was born and we had to travel an hour and a half to see her in the hospital every other day my Grampy was there offering us lifts whenever he could.

Five years ago he survived throat cancer, and maybe I was foolish in hoping that was the end of it. That the big ‘C’ took my Grandma away from me too soon it was going to leave us with Grampy. But I was wrong. The big ‘C’ came back in his lungs. It was so quick, just a matter of weeks from diagnoses until his last day.

We knew the end was coming near over the weekend, and while I had time for myself on Saturday evening I took the time to remember the good times. I cried and had a long chat with my Grandma to make sure she was waiting at the gates for him. Something I hadn’t done in a long time.

And when I got that phone call on Monday morning I wept once again. I was comforted by my husband and chose not to tell the children right away. I didn’t want to interrupt their school and decided to wait until the weekend.

I felt sick and nervous about telling BG1 and LM, but they are still very young and didn’t really understand completely. BG1 at the age of 8 understood the majority as she remembers when my mums’ dog passed away and based what she knew of death from that. I was glad that they didn’t really understand and could move on.

We will not forget, I will never forget. When I lost my Grandma I was devastated and it is something I remember often and wish I could change, and now losing my Grampy at the age of 70 it doesn’t get any easier. Whether a person is in their 50’s like my Grandma, of in their 70’s like my Grampy or 90 or 100 it doesn’t get easier. That person is a big part of your life and losing that person breaks your heart into a thousand pieces.  Sure, over time the piece glue themselves back together, but there will always be that one piece that stays broken, that one piece that is waiting until you are once again reunited at the pearly gates of heaven.

Today we remember my Grampy, for the caring man he was. We wish him peace and love for his new journey he is about to take. And take comfort that he is now reunited with the woman he loved so much, my Grandma.

Today I will cry, but tomorrow I will smile because tomorrow I will have happy memories to help piece my broken heart together once again.

RIP My Grampy


my week in a nutshell has returned

my week in a nutshell









It has been a while since I last posted a week in a nutshell. In fact since my blog up and did a runner n me, I don’t think I have any week in a nutshell posts left. So here is a brand new one making its appearance. It may be a one-off or it may start making a weekly appearance, I think at the beginning of the year I started doing a monthly round up rather than a weekly nutshell so I may carry on with that instead, but we will see.

So let’s see what happened this week. Well on Monday was bill day. that means we were skint for the week. Oh, bill day how I love you.

On Wednesday I met up with my sister in law and we spent a few hours together.  We used to spend a lot of time together. We would meet for coffee or go round each other of an evening and end up staying out way too late. But as life continues things got in the way. We both had another baby, we moved, she moved, I returned to work, she returned to work. We began to see each other less and less. We started to see each other less and less. Well I know have a new job, she has new shifts and we are able to see each other more often again. So we now meet up every Wednesday morning for a good natter.

On Friday I went shopping with my sister and friend. I needed to get my phone fixed as I cracked the screen the day I got it. But that didn’t happen, it was too expensive and wasn’t worth getting it done, so I bought a new pair of boots instead like you do. It was a good job it was bill day this week and I had no money as we went to B&M and they have all of their Halloween decorations out. I love B&M Halloween decorations, I could have easily spent a fortune.

At the weekend we split and did our own thing. The hubby and BG1 had a father-daughter day. They were heading to a tank museum model show thingy. That left me with LM and BG2. LM was invited but he wanted to stay at home and bake cakes with mummy. I hadn’t even planned on baking cakes. But a few weeks ago when he had a father-son day fishing and the girls and I stayed home baking he was jealous and wished he had stayed home. SO BG1 was eager to go, she loves tanks and learning about the war and things so this was right up her street. She was excited about taking her packed lunch and seeing some of her favourite tanks.

SO BG1 was eager to go, she loves tanks and learning about the war and things so this was right up her street. She was excited about taking her packed lunch and seeing some of her favourite tanks. Even though she was car sick on the journey it didn’t stop her from having fun. She couldn’t wait to tell me about her day. She brought home some guns and grenade and a caveman??? Because cavemen are what you expect to come home with when you visit a tank show.

LM, BG2 and I walked in the rain to get some cheese straws for lunch. We then made PAw Patrol fairy cakes and chocolate muffins. LM also offered to help with putting the washing away, however, he didn’t last very long and got sidetracked with the film I had put on.

“It’s okay mummy you can do it,” he said. Thanks, mate.

This is the second time I have written this post, I originally wrote it last night but something went wrong with my blog so, I had to launch a back up from earlier in the day and lost it. I have probably missed out many more things I was going to say but couldn’t remember. So this is what I can remember from what I wrote.

How was your week??

October 2017 Bucket List

october 2017 bucket list








It’s October!!!!

The fall is here, the leaves are turning golden and falling from the tree. The weather has been quite mild and I have yet to get out my thick winter coat yet. We have seen a few days of rain but the sun still shines through. I am set for a busy next few months getting prepared for Christmas. My favourite time of year. Is it wrong to want to listen to Christmas songs already?

We had a rather short bucket list for September 2017 so how did we do?


September 2017 Bucket List

  • Write 250 words a day on my story. The one I have been writing for a while now and spend more time re-reading it than actually writing it. I didn’t quite get 250 words written every day, however, I did get another chapter done. 
  • Celebrate BG2s second birthday. Poor BG2 was poorly for her birthday so we didn’t get to go to soft play but she did enjoy her new presents and had a lovely day.
  • Practice felting – my new craft I want to learn. I have started a felting project, and wire wrapped jewellery and cross stitch. I have been busy crafting this month and hope to continue
  • Continue posting at least one blog post a week!! I have posted one post each week since writing my September bucket list which is a good start.


October 2017 bucket list

  • Make krispie monster treats
  • Go trick or treating
  • continue to post once a week
  • finish my cross stitch elf
  • Finish a wire wrap necklace
  • Finish my felted fairy
  • Finish another chapter of my story
  • Start preparing for Christmas

Again this month is fairly simple to complete. We will just be finishing off already started projects. Simple right?

Laundry Day with Ecover

laundry day with ecover









This post is an entry for BritMums #EcoverLaundry Challenge, sponsored by Ecover.

Oh Laundry, don’t talk to me about laundry.!

Okay so that is exactly what we are talking about in this post.

Are you like me? I have endless loads of washing, seriously i feel like it is one endless stream of washing. While Ben and Holly in the little kingdom have jelly floods i have laundry floods. Mounds of washing that never stops growing! I really don’t get it, the two older children wear a school uniform 5 days a week and the hubby has his work uniform that he wears 5 days a week. So really it is just me and BG2 that wear more than one outfit a week. But still the washing does not stop. I find it everywhere. Socks under sofa cushions, hung over the stair banister, by the side of the bed, on the hall foor, under the bed, in the wash basket, in the downstairs toilet room, washing gets everywhere! If there is one chore that i hate doing it is the laundry. Does anybody enjoy doing the Laundry?

ecover wash day

Although there is one highlight to doing the Laundry. Sheet day!

Now my husband says it’s a woman thing but i get so excited and can’t wait to get to bed on sheet day. Fresh crisp bed sheets on the bed, i just love it.

So when Britmums contacted us to help with the #Ecoverchallenge I knew exactly how i was going to put Ecover laundry cleanser to the test.

ecover laundry challenge

I love having fresh sheets put on the bed. Having an early night, climbing into bed with my decaff tea and my kindle. I pull my bed sheets right up to my nose. So my laundry detergent needs to smell lovely. I will lie in my fresh bed reading a book on the kindle. I love this most when it starts getting dark earlier and the rain is tapping at the bedroom window. Its bleak and nasty outside, but indoors tucked up in bed, all cosy and warm with crisp sheets on. ooooooh its exciting.

ecover laundry challenge

So i washed my bed sheets using one cap of ecover after having a good smell of the bottle. I was supervised at how strong the scent was, i love lavender. I certainly wasn’t expecting it. Once they had been washed the scent was not overpowering at all, i tumbled dried them and made the bed. The bed sheets once dried had a subtle and gentle scent they did smell clean and fresh. Early night for me!

ecover bed sheets

I know my bed sheets clash with my wallpaper 😀

I am not very good at having a routine for washing. I try and was clothes every other day. When there are three kids in the house clothes usually end up stained in chocolate and tomato sauce. In this weather the tumble dryer gets used a lot, my washing also broke this summer so that will need replacing in the spring. I love sheets that have been dried on an outside line.


And what really happens to all the socks. We go through so many socks, i am pretty sure that the washing machine eats them, that’s why i don’t wear matching socks ever!

And don’t get me started on ironing! Just don’t, i cant stand ironing therefore i don’t. It gets tumbled and hung without ironing. I iron the school uniform in the morning while the kids eat breakfast and i iron as we go. Finally there is the task of putting it all away, i fold and pile the washing on the bed. A pile for each child’s tops, trousers, pj’s and underwear and go about putting it away, just another chore that i don’t like doing. If i am a completely honest i don’t think there is any chore i like doing, housework is just not for me, maybe one day i can afford a cleaner!

ecover ironing




Ecover is something i will be recommending to friends and family and will certainly be buying in the future.

About Ecover:

Ecover’s new Non-Bio Concentrated Laundry Detergent delivers a powerful clean and features a new delightful naturally-inspired fragrance, Lavender & Sandalwood. From your baby’s first wash to the average bedding load, this dermatologically tested, plant-based Non-Bio formula delivers spotlessly clean results, even on a cold wash.

Pioneering a greener clean since 1979, Ecover’s new Non-Bio formula is now even tougher on stains, but just as kind on sensitive skin and is now Mumsnet rated* with 89% of Mumsnet raters saying they would recommend to a friend – making it the perfect partner for all the family, as well as the planet. You can find Ecover on Twitter at @EcoverUK, and on Instagram at @Ecover_UK

Happy 2nd birthday little princess

Happy Birthday little princess









I just can’t quite believe it. Today is the today. Two years have flown by so quickly.

Today is my baby girls 2nd birthday.

I remember so clearly the day we found out we were expecting you, our precious baby girl. It only seems like yesterday that you were brought into this world 11 weeks early so tiny and fragile. I cherish our first cuddle together.

This past year your character has evolved and you are shining my sweet little girl. You are cheeky and mischievous in ways that make me laugh and in ways that really make my jaw drop.

You have progressed and grown so fast. You have overcome many challenges along the way and still surprise me every day how clever you are.

This past 12 months you have learnt to walk, open doors :/ and talk and hold short conversations.
It still makes me giggle when you said to daddy “Daddy you ha boobies”. I creased with laughter.

You have also found a love for Peppa pig, the Teletubbies and Hey Duggee. You love to eat from everybody’s plate except your own and you think crawling under your fitted sheet every night and hide is super funny.

Today you turn 2!

Today you turn two years old, not a day goes by that I don’t worry, care and love you. There are days that I want to wrap you in cotton wool and keep you safe and little forever.

Today we will eat cake and play with your new toys. Read your cards a thousand times because they have a picture of the Teletubbies and Minnie on them. We will have a picnic tea with your big sister and brother. Today is your day baby.

Happy Birthday!!

I am wishing you a big happy birthday princess.

happy birthday

September 2017 Bucket List

September 2017 bucket list









We are nearly two week into September 2017, and i feel this may have been the fastest year of them all. Maybe it’s because the kids are getting older – no maybe about it. Sometimes i feel like i don’t have time for anything, but then again maybe it’s just i am not motivated to do much lately.

Talking about motivation i have been to the gym. I have only been twice so far but i am looking forward to getting fit once again. I bout a Fitbit and now the kids are back to school can focus a little more at getting my steps in.

It was a little more difficult to figure out what i wanted to achieve from my September 2017 bucket list especially when we are already a third of the way through the month but here goes.

September 2017 Bucket List

  • Write 250 words a day on my story. The one i have been writing for a while now and spend more time re reading it than actually writing it.
  • Celebrate BG2s second birthday
  • Practice felting – my new craft i want to learn.
  • Continue posting at least one blog post a week!!

Its a short list this month but most definitely an achievable list. Next month is October and Halloween! so i will be making my bucket list early in time for the holiday. Then look out people Christmas will well and truly be on its way.


This post contains affiliate links. This means if you purchase an item through link i will receive pennies at no extra cost to yourself.

A new day

a new day









Its a new day, a new school year and who knows what today will bring. i have been away for quite some time from my blog and i have really  missed it. i got really disheartened when my blog posts up and left me and i just couldn’t find motivation to retrieve them. However the last few day i have retrieved about 40 of my posts. I know i won’t be able to retrieve all of them as not all of them have been cached on google which is a shame because there are some of my favourites that haven’t been cached like my fathers day 2016 post. But i guess this gives me a bit of a fresh start to get creative again.

So now the kids are back to school and i have a new job that frees up a bit of time i am aiming for 2 new posts a week.

Get over losing my blog was hard, all that time and effort feels wasted but i am slowly building a new one and gaining my blogging enjoyment again.

So what have we been up to since i have been away?

Well BG2 is turning 2 in a few weeks and i can’t believe how fast she is growing. Her speech astounds me every day. She picks words up so easily. She went to my husband just yesterday “Daddy you ha boobies” well i was gone. She thinks the word boobies is hilarious.

LM has lost his first tooth which he was super excited about. Especially when the tooth fairy arrived and left him some shiny coins for the morning.

BG1 still hasn’t stopped talking and has also started collecting books so she can build a library in her bedroom.

It was also my birthday a couple of weeks ago. I turned the lovely age of 29. As always i was spoilt with a beautiful flamingo necklace and a geode crystal.

This week i will be uploading my September bucket list and an August round up before it gets too late so look out for those posts!

Make passive income with Gallerist App

Gallerist App


In 2017 there seem to be more and more ways to earn money online. Blogging is just one way people can benefit from earning money on the world wide web, although it takes time and determination there are many sources to be found. Recently I have been looking at ways to make passive income to boost our household funds. Although many of the ways are not big earners having the octopus approach soon adds up.

One way of making passive income which can be really fun to do is to sell your photographs. Most of you know that I don’t take pictures of my kids’ faces on this blog so I try and take as many different pictures as possible, along my way learning more about my DSLR that I have had for eight years and still don’t know how to use properly. Selling photographs is something I had seriously looked into.


I love taking photos and messing around in Photoshop. So really I would be doing something that I already do and love, and then simply uploading it to the Gallerist App.
Using the Gallerist app was as simple as downloading it onto your IOS or android, you can create an account and start uploading your photos to your page. It doesn’t stop there, you can also search through other sellers and buy their work too.

You can choose a category that you are interested in and create different folders for different subjects. For example, I take many photographs of flowers and also abstract angles; I can therefore have a separate file for each subject matter.


Your images are them open to many varieties of people, from private buyers who enjoy your work to businesses wanting to use your photographs for commercial purposes.

Gallerist App tries to be different from other photograph marketplace, that’s why they have a community feature. You are able to like others photos and contact your favourite sellers and build a relationship with them, the same way you would in any business.

I have signed up for a seller account and am spending the summer gaining photographs ready to upload to GalleristApp.

This post is in collaboration with Gallerist App

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