15 facts about me

15 facts about me


Sometimes when you aren’t feeling up to writing a huge post or don’t have the time it’s nice to have a few posts to fall back on. I have been slightly slack with my blog lately so I have had to dig out one of those posts. This week I plan on catching up and being more present with my blogging. I have updated my editorial calendar over the weekend to help me get excited about blogging.

Todays post will give you a little more insight into who I am with 15 fun and random facts about me. Not surprisingly many of them involve food!

I got my first tattoo on my 18th birthday. A butterfly on my shoulder – so cliché I know! I no longer like that tattoo.

Talking of tattoos, I have 2 others a set of goth wings on my back which after ten years I still adore. Also I have the start of a rose vine on my thigh, I started it for my 20th birthday and then a few days later found out I was pregnant. That was 8 years ago and I still don’t have it finished.

My husband thinks I am completely weird but I love country music. I would rather listen to Chris young, Dolly Parton, Carrie Underwood, Kenny Rodgers and Tim McGraw over any other music genre.

My favourite movie of ALL time is Dirty Dancing.

I cannot stand mushrooms. They are just gross, the texture is just nasty and they ruin any meal in my opinion. So I went and married a mushroom lover!!

My favourite meal is Steak. It was a toss up between steak and pizza, but ultimately steak would win. 9 times out of 10 no of the ladies want to sit next to me at a restaurant because I love my steak rare. Chips dipped in steak juice is juice the best. Now I really want a steak!

I always fall down the stairs. Usually only a the last five or so, and on the odd occasion I have slid down the whole set. For some reason me and stairs don’t mix, I always slip on them. It is usually the ones at my parents house.

I love to sing. Alone most of the time, although my dad used to give me a tenner to sing karaoke at the pub when I was younger.

I love cake! Chocolate cake, coffee cake, fruit cake. If it’s cake I will most likely eat it with the exception of supermarket novelty birthday cakes. They are just yuk!

My favourite holiday is Christmas!

My favourite animals are Gorillas and lions. I tried but couldn’t choose between the two. I am a leo and that has always drawn me to the lion but Gorillas are so beautiful and interesting I could watch them for hours. Although when I was younger Dolphins would probably be in this list too.

My pic n mix would consist of fizzy bubblegum bottles, white mice, giant snakes, toffee bonbons and chocolate raisins.

My celebrity crush is Jared Padalecki.Yum! David Boreanaz, Charlie Hunnam and Joe Manganiello are also close on this list.

My favourite colour is purple. My wedding theme was purple, my kitchen was purple. Everything should be made in purple.

I hated reading books until I bought my first kindle five years ago, now reading is my favourite thing to do.

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