Get the garden ready for the summer.




*This is a collaborative post.

The garden was a big part of our home to do list. We started it last summer and made a big difference removing the gravel, adding flower beds and laying a patio.

Now the weather has picked up again over the last week, we finally have sunshine and longer days to get back to the garden and finish it before the summer.

I have to admit I was never a keen gardener, dirt and bugs just aren’t my thing. However last summer we went flower shopping and we picked up some beautiful and bright flowers to add a pop of colour to the garden. We enjoyed planting them in the garden as a family. The kids love digging in the mud, getting their hands dirty. They also enjoy choosing the plants at the garden centre.


We plan on picking up more bright flowers during the May half term to plant. But first we need to get the garden ready. We have finally picked the rubbish up in the back garden that was left from Christmas. You know all those boxes that can’t fit in the recycle bin so you put them outside and forget about it.

The kids have been riding their bikes around after school as they can finally move out there. They have been enjoying their weekend lunch on their picnic table and BG1 has even sat on the garden furniture to read her new books.


Next week the hubby is turning the mud ready for the grass. At last we will actually have a beautiful garden to sit in during the summer. Or at least that is the idea. We still have a way to go until it is completely ready.

The grass still needs to be laid and the wall/bench still needs rendering. But we are slowly getting there.

The Secret Garden

And lets not forget about the front courtyard. It looks like the secret garden out the front. The hedge is so over grown you have to fight your way through the entrance getting attacked by over grown foliage.

If I have my way (and usual I do) the hubby will get some chainsaw gloves and cut the hedge down. That would be the best scenario, to just have the hedge taken down and a little fence put in it’s place. However in reality the hedge will just get trimmed back and we won’t have a mouth full of leaves when we come home.

Weeds are also taking over the front yard. One measuring in at around three feet tall. The hubby will be spending a few evenings after work digging them up and tidying the front yard.

The recent change in weather is the perfect timing for us. And the perfect timing for you too. Take a few evenings from now until the summer to tidy up your garden. Lets all get green fingered and plant some bright flowers.

I love gerberas, and am planning to plant bright pink, orange and red ones.


Having a garden is important for us. It gives the kids the outdoor space they need for the summer time when we can’t get out. There are days when we can’t go out for walks or on day trips and having a tidy and pretty garden is a major advantage for us.

Gardening tool box

  • Plant pots
  • Spade
  • Rake
  • Trowel
  • garden gloves
  • Chainsaw gloves
  • watering can
  • seeds
  • pruning sheers
  • strimmer

What are you planting? Does your garden tidying like mine? Is it so over grown you have your own secret garden? Do you have a hedge you want to get the chainsaw to? whats in your gardening tool box?





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