5 minute fun

5 minute fun

Just five minutes. That’s all you need sometimes. Five minute to dish up tea. Five minutes to hoover. Five minutes to run a bath. Just five minutes is all, Just five minutes. That’s all you need sometimes. five minutes is all us parents ask for.

Let’s face it, kids of a certain age get bored if it takes longer than five minutes, so when we were asked to review the 5 minute fun website we decided to give it a go. Five minutes is not a lot of time. It’s long enough to keep a child entertained without getting bored while you dish up that hot stew that has been cooking all day long.

You can sign up for daily activities to be emailed to you for you and your child to do everyday.
The site has many games and activities to do such as activities to get you moving including a sporty reward chart. Crafty activities to do such as funny folded paper drawings, paper spinners and creative colouring with helpful short videos for your child to watch how to get creating.

The site doesn’t stop there they also have activities to help with learning math, reading and writing.

Pretend you have a pet dinosaur. Is it big? Can it fly? What’s its name?

LM loves dinosaurs so this was a great place to start for him. He had a pet T-Rex that was red and could breath fire. BG1 wanted to join in too and her dinosaur was also a T-Rex named Louis. This led to the pair of them on the floor playing with their pet dinosaurs while I dished up dinner before the hubby returned home from work.

After tea we chose another simple activity. You’re both super heroes. Stand with your hands on your hips, run in slow motion, then pretend to fly! Make up a superhero name and choose a super power.

My two love to pretend to be super heroes, especially on the way to school when their coats make great capes. They flew around the living room like real super heroes saving their stuffed animals.

LM had a look through the website and made a list of all the activities he wanted to try when he is bored or doesn’t have a lot of time.

  • Make funny monsters
  • Make lolly stick people
  • Make a rocket
  • Hatch from an egg
  • Build a tower from cardboard boxes.

Since he wrote this list we have been collecting some cardboard boxes to make building blocks from. He also pretended to be a chick and hatch from an egg.

The website has many different activities for your child to do not just on their own but with a parent also. The activities are aimed at children aged 2-5 however BG1 is 7 and still enjoyed joining in with the activities with LM. The site was easy to navigate with many crafty videos and activities for your child. The various charts that can be printed to encourage your child to get moving and eat healthy are a lovely addition to the site.

Disclosure: I was sent a cbeebies magazine in return for my honest opinion. All words and opinions are my own.

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