50 things I want my daughters to know

50 things i want my daughters to know

Dear Daughters,

You both are growing so fast, I wish I could just stop the clock and breath you in at this second just for a bit longer. You are currently 7 and 1, where is that time going. it only seems lie yesterday that you girls were born. My eldest and my youngest.

There is so much I want need to teach you, need you to know. You are my beautiful daughters, you surprise me every day with your manners, and knowledge that you have learnt so quickly in such few years.

BG1 in your 7 years you have learnt to share your toys with your brother. You have learnt to be a brilliant big sister that and little brother and sister would be proud to have. You have overcome your shyness and impressed and shocked us all. You have learnt walk, run and now even ride a bike. You haven’t always found learning easy but you do it anyway. You are a true angel and a precious daughter.

BG2 you have come so far this first year. You are stronger than all of us and in such a short time have overcome prematurity, medical procedures, illness and more. You are our little fighter who continues to look at us for guidance. You have learnt to crawl, to eat, to stand, to wave and to clap.

There is so much for you both to learn in this world. So many life decisions to make. There are things I want to teach you, so many things I want you to learn. I am sharing with you 50 things I want you to know as you grow. Even now writing this there are more things I can think of that I want you to know, but I will stick with 50 for now.

50 things I want you to know – My daughters

•Don’t be scared to ask questions. No matter how small or silly you think that question is always speak up and ask. I will help answer it if I can. And if I can’t, I will find someone who can.

•There will always be mean girls – you shouldn’t be one of them. It will get you know where being mean, I am raising polite, nice girls not mean ones.

•Don’t gossip – unless it’s with me. It does no good gossiping, it can really bite you in butt, but I won’t tell if you want to vent to me.

•A good cry can be a good thing. Sometimes you just need a good cry, it may be because you are sad or maybe happy. But sometimes it is for no reason at all, one day you will understand this. Let it out, it can make you feel better.

•You will always be my baby. This will never change, no matter how old you get I will always think of you as my baby. Get used to it.

•Learn to change a tyre. This will at some point in your life be very valuable. I didn’t learn this skill and ended up stuck.

•Sing loud and proud especially in the car and shower. Don’t be put off by what others think, if you want to sing belt your heart out. Singing is good for the soul.

•Always believe in fairies – I don’t want Tinkerbells death on my hands. You know mummy is a little strange and in coocoo land, this is one of my little weird and wonderful little beliefs that fairies do exist. Don’t ruin it for me, instead join me in fairy land.

•Being normal is boring. Why would you want to be normal. Stand out from the crowd and be proud to be different. I am not normal and I turned out okay.

• It’s okay to be weird, silly and different. Embrace your weirdness and quirks that make you – you. That’s what I love about you.

•You will always remember your first, wait for someone special. It doesn’t have to be the person you marry, but wait for someone who treats you the way you deserve and makes you laugh. I waited for your daddy to come along.

•Having a baby hurts like nothing you have ever experienced – but a baby at the end makes it more than worth it. But don’t be in a rush to experience it, enjoy life first.

•Always wear a clean pair of underwear. Or carry a spare pair with you, they will come in handy.

•You are beautiful – Don’t let anyone tell you differently. There can be some mean people in the world, but no matter what you are beautiful. Don’t hide away from the world, show the world your beauty.

•You can trust me with anything – mummies usually give great advice, they can also keep secrets. Always come to me no matter what I am here to listen.

•It’s okay to make mistakes. Nobody is perfect, I am not perfect. Mistakes will be made and you will learn from them that’s just the way of life. Don’t let the fear of making a mistake hold you back.

•Don’t do something bad because it’s cool and ‘everyone else is doing it’ – be the good girl. You don’t get far by being the bad girl. Stay good and prosper.

•Don’t do drugs, they’re disgusting and can be dangerous – I never did them I expect you to do the same.

•If someone doesn’t like you – walk away they are not worth it – change for nobody but yourself.

•Always be honest. Lies always come out eventually and someone will always get hurt because of them.

•Smile. You have a beautiful smile that light up your eyes. Do it often, it will make somebodies day.

•Bake. Everybody should learn this skill, bake anything and everything. Bake often.

•Don’t let a man change you. If he wants you to change, he aint worth it. Change for yourself and no one else.

•You only need one true friend.

•Always carry a spare pair of tights on a night out. You are bound to get a ladder at some point.

•And a pair of ballet pumps. You will be glad of the change in footwear. You may think your brand new 5inch heels are a great idea, but when you are out in them for a couple hours you will realise the are not that great.

•Believe in magic. Magic is everywhere, even when you don’t realise it. I’m not talking about the stuff magicians do to create illusions.

•Walk with your head up and shoulders back. Not only does it make you taller, but also makes you feel more confident.

•Never bite your finger nails. It took me years to grow nails that didn’t break after years of biting them. You have lovely nails. A beautiful set of polished nails can finish off any outfit.

•Laugh – have fun with your friends. Every body needs a little laughter in their life, have fun and enjoy your free time with friends.

•Smoking is not cool. Don’t start it, it’s disgusting and dirty. I have no problem in telling this to your daddy’s face too.

•Always look people in the eye when talking to them. It shows confidence, and understanding. You can go further if you look them in the eye.

•Mummy’s cooking is always the best. No you will not find anyone who will come close to my cooking. You may come close to my culinary skills but they will not top mine!

•I am always listening. I hear and see everything, even if you don’t think I am, I will always hear you.

•Chocolate isn’t the answer – but it sure helps.

•Never skip breakfast. It’s the most important meal of the day – remember it.

•You can do anything a man can, and probably better too. That includes play football!

•Dance whenever you feel like it. It doesn’t matter where you are or who you are with, if you want to dance, dance. Even if you aren’t good at it. Even if it’s in the frozen aisle at Asda.

•Dress for comfort, not to impress. Let your personality do the talking.

•Read. You can learn a lot from reading, so do it often.

•Follow your dreams – You can be Roald Dahl if you want to be. I will always help you where I can.

•It’s okay to love pink and toy cars a the same time. Cars aren’t just for boys.

•Football is not just or boys. You can play if you want to.

•Don’t be afraid to ask for help. I will be there to help you and so will so many others, if you don’t ask we can’t read your mind.

•A road trip isn’t a road trip if you don’t get lost.

•Fall in love with someone who makes you laugh – so much your stomach and cheeks hurt.

•I am always available for a hug. I give great hugs and welcome them at every opportunity.

•Start saving money as early as possible.

•Don’t be in a rush to grow up. There is plenty of time to grow up, stay young as long as possible.

•I love you. Forever and always

Your mummy xXx

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