a special birth story part 1 pregnant

a special birth story part 1 pregnant

back to the beginning!

When you first find out you are pregnant so many thoughts run through your mind. Most of them excited about the long road ahead.

With this birth story I will be back tracking and taking you back right to the beginning. Where it all started, when I found out I was pregnant.

It took 18months to conceive my son, so we decided early we didn’t want to wait to try for our third in case it took as long with our third. Turns out it would take longer.

Isn’t it just so, when everybody seems to be pregnant when you are trying to have a baby. Maybe you just notice them more. I remember throughout the three years trying for a baby this person was pregnant, that person was pregnant; everyone seemed to be pregnant but me. On the odd occasion I would go home to my husband crying because yet again it wasn’t me.

I lost count of the number of people who said to me ‘but you have two beautiful babies, be thankful for what you have.’ I AM grateful for what I have thank – you. Let me tell you now this is the most disheartening thing you can say to a woman who desperately ants another baby.

If she has other children she is fully aware of how ‘lucky’ she is that some ladies don’t have babies at all. But it makes the pain of not having that next baby any less heartache. She doesn’t need to be told how lucky she already is. And the same goes for ‘just relax, if you stress too much it won’t happen’. I am fully aware of this however, you try having this huge want, need for another baby and it isn’t happening. Let’s see how stressed you get. Some people should learn to keep their mouths shut; trying for a baby can be a touchy subject. (That’s my rant bit over).

However after the second year of trying for a baby had past, I had learnt to be thicker skinned about it all. Just smile and nod. I no longer let it get to me, I was happy for those around me who were blessed with expecting a new baby. Not that I wasn’t before, but I no longer went home and cried.

We had moved back home with my parents by this point, so it wasn’t the right time anyway.

It was coming up to three years trying for a baby and that hit me pretty hard. I decided to give searching the web for help again before going down the doctor route.

I came across a few forums on netmums I think it was, about vitamin B complex. So I bought some vitamins along with trying to conceive multivits. I was hoping it would help with regulating my periods more, losing a stone had already helped a little.

Sure enough four weeks I started spotting so I stopped taking the vitamins and the spotting stopped with it. Guess it wasn’t going to work.

A few weeks later I started feeling unwell, feeling sick because I was hungry, feeling sick because I had eaten. I couldn’t win.

I spoke with my sister in law and she said she had been feeling similar. However, a week later and I was no better. I jokingly said to my sister in law, ‘hey I’m probably pregnant’. She was unsure if I was joking or not. Part of me was joking however, the other part of me had a feeling it wasn’t a joke.

I mentioned it to my husband and he told me to find out for sure and get a test. I did, eventually order a test from Amazon three weeks later.

Part of me didn’t want to get my hopes up. If I didn’t pee on the stick I wouldn’t be disappointed again so I left it as long as I could. My period was nothing to go by as that would make an appearance anywhere between six and sixteen weeks. I was still feeling ill so I had to bite the bullet.

When the test did finally arrive I didn’t wait and went straight to the toilet.

When the stick came up positive I couldn’t wait to text the hubby a picture.

I’m Pregnant!

My pregnancy went well; I threw up in bushes on the school run, fell asleep at inappropriate hours, and had heart burn from the moment I woke to the moment I went to bed.

I loved being pregnant this time around. I enjoyed my first pregnancy, my second I hated every second. But I loved my third. I don’t know what it was but this pregnancy just suited me, despite the sickness and heartburn.

The time was flying by, probably due to the fact I was about eleven weeks when the stick turned positive and about fourteen weeks we told family.

My 20 week scan approached and we were excited to find out if we were going t have a little girl or little boy.

At my 20 week scan the sonographer had a good look around; the baby was in an awkward position. She had to push fairly hard t get in and around the baby to take all the measurements. We did however find out we were expecting a girl. We also found out that I had a slightly low placenta, and I would need further scans in the hope it would move up.

The excitement oh having a little girl had us skipping out of the hospital. We decided to keep the fact we were having a girl to ourselves, just me and the hubby. We did almost slip a few times.

After the scan we went home to chill on the sofa.

I bent over the back of the sofa to pick something up. I felt a kind of pop sensation and immediately needed the toilet.

I went to the toilet and the colour drained from my face. I was bleeding, a lot. The sonographer had warned me I may have a bleed, I did not expect it to be two hours later.

Back to the hospital we go.

I spent the night in hospital and sent home to take it easy.

The next few weeks were busy. We had just bought our first home, it was the summer holidays and we had to get the house ready to move in by the end of the holidays. The entire holiday was filled with decorating and packing.

We moved in to our new home just before the ids went back to school. We had to live off microwave meals, salad and anything else we could make without a hob and oven.

We had been in the house two weeks before our oven fitted. We still had to wait a further 24 hours to use it.

The electrician came back and gave us the all clear to use the oven. Hurray! I set about making a cottage pie.

I managed to persuade my sister to come over in the afternoon; she played with LM while I set about cutting the onions for my cottage pie.

I was half way through my onion when I needed to pee and couldn’t stop myself. I ran to the toilet and the water still kept going. Either I had lost all control of my bladder or my waters had broken.

I called the midwife and she asked to see me at the hospital for an examination, as I was still losing water 15 minutes later the likely hood of my waters have being broken was high.

I was calm and collected. My mum on the other hand was a total wreck, I did offer to drive the car to the hospital, and I think I had a better chance of getting us there in one piece.

My water’s were the first thing to go to indicate my labour with my first pregnancy. I was 28 weeks pregnant and on my way to hospital, possibly about to have my baby.

Want to know what happens next? Head over to part 2 and read more.

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