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about me


about me

Hi! I’m Charlotte. Thanks for stopping by at happy go mummy. I am the owner and writer here at happy go mummy. Why don’t you stay a while and have a nose around – feel free to find me on Twitter or better yet subscribe to happy go mummy so you never miss out on a post. I love a chat don’t you? Why don’t you head over to my contact page and find more ways we can interact there.

I’m a 29 year old mum to 3 children. A beautiful 8 year old daughter (who I will refer to as my Big-girl/BG1), an energetic 5 year old son (I will refer to him as my little man/lm) and my baby girl/BG2 who was born in September 2015 11 weeks early.

Meet the family…

about me

about me

about me

about me

about me


and me…

I am currently on maternity leave, due to go back to work in September. I work evening and weekends in the tourism industry, so I can be at home with the kids during the day while hubby is at work and we can save on childcare costs. I have lived in the not so sunny, always raining Devon my whole life. It might always be raining here but I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else.

I love…

I love to bake. I was taught to bake by my Grandma, I love being in the kitchen with my shiny new mixer and a batch of cookies baking.

Give me a glue gun and some patterned paper and I will be a happy woman. I have been a crafter since I hit my teenage years. My mum wishes I wasn’t when all my craft boxes and supplies were spread all over the dining table.

Now my own children are coming to an age where they are becoming more interested in baking and crafting.

I love taking photos. I may not be very good with my camera but I love it none the less. I was excited when I had my first daughter and wanted to take beautiful pictures of her. I bought and have owned my DSLR ever since.

I also love to write. Since having children I have struggled to write as often as I would like. I love to write short romance stories, I have tried longer work but they never get finished. My aim with this blog is to get into a writing routine in the hope of fitting more writing in my life.

Disney! I love Disney, always have always will. Disney movie days are a must in our house.

And lastly I love to read. I love a happy ending and love a good romance novel.

What is happy go mummy?

Happygomummy is my little space on the big world wide web for me to talk about my children from pregnancy to present. To keep a diary of our daily lives and happenings. Our hobbies as a family like crafting and baking. Also general chit chat and life. You can pretty much bet that there will be a whole load of random posts about almost anything. I know, I know they say pick a niche and stick with it, well that’s not me. I love to write about a whole host of subject’s, but predominantly this blog is for anything family related.


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