Weekly top 5 blogging good reads week 5 blog photos

blogging good reads week 5 blog photos   Lately I have been trying to take more photos for my big, rather than using so many stock images. Even though I love stock images, taking your own photos showcases your own talent. As most of you will know I try not to show my kids faces in my photo’s and have been trying to learn different techniques and angles to do so. I have recently also started doing reviews and new blog posts that require taking photos of objects. It’s not as easy as it may seem. This week I have come across some posts that not only have lovely photographs but also have handy tips to help you take your own stunning photos.

Blogging good reads week 5 Blog photos

skinned car tree Have you come across Corinne over at skinnedcartree yet. If you haven’t then you should most definitely head that way and give her a read. I recently read her post – My blog photo set up. She shows you how she has her dresser set up as a permanent place to take her flat lays. Her blog is full of beautiful photos and flat lays. Now I really want a spot in my house to have a set up like hers but all my space is covered in play doh, paint and playmobil. someones mum Like me Danielle loves a good stock image. Who doesn’t? She recently wrote a post comparing stock images to her real life images. I think all us mums can relate to the images, I know this is what would be behind any of my images. I love the comparison. a side of sweetKelly over at a side of sweet gives you some inspiration on cheap backgrounds to photograph food. It’s a great read with some fabulous ideas for backgrounds not only for food but can also be used with fashion/makeup bloggers or home/interior bloggers. damask love I also very recently came across a post from damask love about how to take blog posts: props & styling. It was written in 2013 however it is still very relevant and gives some great tips and tricks on styling your photos for your blog. 91 magazine Since been wanting to take better photos I have been putting together a small prop box to use with my photos. Over at 91 magazine there is a post with a list of must haves for your blog prop box.  

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3 thoughts on “Weekly top 5 blogging good reads week 5 blog photos

  1. My Petit Canard says:

    Great post. I’ve been building up my photo props and backdrops over the last year or two, gradually shifting from stock photos to taking my own and I really love the difference. I love posts like these that share blogging and photography tips and tricks so thanks for sharing it on #MarvMondays. Emily

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