Crayola Doodle Delirium Board Game Review

crayola doodle delirium
If my kids aren’t reading books then they can usually be found playing board games. On a Friday night we have a family night which we also use this time to get board games out to play together.

Board games go down so well with children and make a fabulous christmas gift for children of all ages.
We were delighted to get the opportunity to review the new Crayola Doodle Delirium.

This is just one of Crayola’s new set of games which also include 3 2 1 Draw & Scribble Scramble. While 321 Draw & Scribble Scramble are aimed at children 6 and above Doodle delirium is aimed at children aged 8.

crayola doodle delirium

BG1 is almost 8 and this game was a perfect fit for her, LM who is five joined in too with a little help from me so he could be included with the game playing which worked out well.

We Teamed up boys against girls – me & BG1 and daddy & LM. One of you needs to doodle and the other person needs to guess.

There are four pip squeck counters included in the set, the kids loved these they were so cute and fun looking.

crayola doodle delirium

There are also a set of playing cards in four different catagories. These are Oodle Doodles, Scribble Riddles, Model Madness and paper mash-ups.

crayola doodle delirium

Starting from the youngest (LM) went first to roll the dice. The colour the dice lands on is the colour of card you pick up. Once you have completed a task, if your partner guessed correctly you move o that colour space.

crayola doodle delirium

We found that model madness was great fun but our model making had little to be desired. BG1 on the other hand found making the models great fun and easily made many shapes and objects.

crayola doodle delirium

crayola doodle delirium

Oodle Doodles was also a very entertaining category having to draw with your eyes closed, with the wrong hand or by guiding your partners hand.

crayola doodle delirium

These two categories were our favourite.

Paper mash up was also simple enough for everyone to play tearing and drawing on paper.

The category that we all found difficult was the Scribble Riddles were you had to draw a person, movie, pop song or sayings. The problem was that many of the people on the cards my kids had never heard of like Brad Pitt and Madonna. There were a few that we could do such as Mickey Mouse.

Overall the kids liked this game and got excited when it was their turn to draw or make a model.

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