February 2017 bucket list

february 2017 bucket list

It’s February people!!!! The month were love is in the air. At first I was gong to say wow January seemed to be like a very long month, but then I realised that I did nothing in January. Apart from work, sleep and eat. No wonder it dragged on.

How did we get on with…….

January 2017 bucket list

  • Buy the kids bunk bed & move LM & BG1 into the same room. I am a little in shock, we actually completed this one. We bought a lovely bunk bed and now BG1 & LM are sharing a room. Look out for a post on the bunk beds soon.
  • Move BG2 out of our bedroom and into a room of her own (not sure this will happen just yet I am quite attached to having her in our room.) This did not happen. The bunk beds took a while to arrive and we have yet to sort through the smaller bedroom for her to move in to. Not that I am complaining.
  • Lose 6lb’s. I haven’t weighed myself so I don’t know if this has happened. In all honesty I don’t feel like I have lost 6lb however I am eating a little bit healthier and have started Jillian Michaels kick boxing dvd. Which I swear she is trying to kill me every time I put it on!
  • Make a list of jobs that need completing around the house. oooo I am excited, this is another one I have done and it is a long list. Look out for an up to date To Do list soon.
  • Buy BG1’s Birthday Presents. January we are on a roll. All set and ready for BG1’s B’Day beginning of March.
  • That reminds me buy the mother in law a birthday present – she turns 50 in February. Ordered and on it’s way, good job too cos her b’day is this week.
  • Eat healthier. I have been eating a little bit healthier. I haven’t skipped breakfast and lunch and have eaten more fruit and veg but I think I could do better.
  • Get reading with the kids. BG1 has been reading her many books she got for Christmas, including starting the Harry Potter series. LM and I have been setting up our little routine before bed with a short book. We are currently making our way through his collection of the Large family he go for Christmas.

What’s on our….

February 2017 Bucket List

  • Home date night for valentines day.
  • Go Cinema to watch 50 shades!!!
  • Put down wood flooring in the hallway
  • Clean out small bedroom for BG2 to move into.
  • Try something new (anything!)

Let’s not forget the year bucket list!

2017 bucket list

I have been reading Donna’s blog What the red head for quite sometime now and I love the way she does her bucket lists. Making a list of things her and her family would like to do and achieve for that year. It means no time scale on any such thing and then once you have completed an item you cross it of the list. So I have done a years bucket list in addition to my regular bucket list.

  • a night away with the hubby
  • girlie night at the cinema
  • date night We had a date night  this month and went to a Chinese restaurant. It was lovely. I love using chopsticks. The hubby can’t use them so I also got to make fun of him.
  • finish first draft of book
  • refurbish the bathroom
  • go ice skating
  • see a comedian
  • BG2 Christening
  • have a cocktail night
  • save enough money to move house
  • go on a family weekend away
  • take a trip to Boscastle
  • Finish the garden
  • Lose 2st
  • Organise the downstairs cupboard
  • Watch a theatre show
  • visit the zoo
  • see fireworks
  • try upcycling
  • sew something
  • read a new book every month

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