First day of December 2016

first day of december 2016








Hello first day of December. I still can’t quite get over that it is the first day of December already. With the first day of December arrives our house guests the Elves. This will be the fourth Christmas SnowAngel has stayed with us and the second year for her brother Chippy.

We woke up this morning and the temperature had dropped significantly. I tiptoed to the boiler and turned on the heating. The roads, pavements and cars were covered in ice. Jack Frost had spread his magic during the night. Winter is well and truly here ready to make the month of December cold and magical.
I love the winter, minus the rain. The hats , scarves and gloves are out. The heating is on and the hot chocolate is being made – marshmallows and cream are a must.


With the Elves arrival also brings the first day of advent. I don’t by the chocolate calendars from the supermarket. They just aren’t what they used to be. The chocolates are smaller and are a bit naff to say the least. Each year out comes our fabric calendar that my parents used for me and my sisters when I was younger. I fill it with chocolate coins and chocolate santas.


In our house the Elves are not as naughty as some of the scout Elves I know. They don’t like too much mess, they do however like to bring small gifts throughout December like Christmas story books, colouring books, socks and mugs.

On our way to school this morning we wrapped up warm and tread carefully, making sure we did not slip on the icy ground. Everything was was with frost.


LM has another cough – his fourth since September, so we are spending the day on the sofa with a large pile of Christmas movies to make our way through.

I even managed to open my new slow cooker and have an oxtail stew bubbling away for tea tonight. The perfect comfort food for the start of December.

We won’t be putting our decorations up until after LM’s birthday next week however tomorrow we will be getting festive with Christmas songs and helping Nanny put her tree up.

You can find out what we are upto this December here

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