Happy 2nd birthday little princess

Happy Birthday little princess









I just can’t quite believe it. Today is the today. Two years have flown by so quickly.

Today is my baby girls 2nd birthday.

I remember so clearly the day we found out we were expecting you, our precious baby girl. It only seems like yesterday that you were brought into this world 11 weeks early so tiny and fragile. I cherish our first cuddle together.

This past year your character has evolved and you are shining my sweet little girl. You are cheeky and mischievous in ways that make me laugh and in ways that really make my jaw drop.

You have progressed and grown so fast. You have overcome many challenges along the way and still surprise me every day how clever you are.

This past 12 months you have learnt to walk, open doors :/ and talk and hold short conversations.
It still makes me giggle when you said to daddy “Daddy you ha boobies”. I creased with laughter.

You have also found a love for Peppa pig, the Teletubbies and Hey Duggee. You love to eat from everybody’s plate except your own and you think crawling under your fitted sheet every night and hide is super funny.

Today you turn 2!

Today you turn two years old, not a day goes by that I don’t worry, care and love you. There are days that I want to wrap you in cotton wool and keep you safe and little forever.

Today we will eat cake and play with your new toys. Read your cards a thousand times because they have a picture of the Teletubbies and Minnie on them. We will have a picnic tea with your big sister and brother. Today is your day baby.

Happy Birthday!!

I am wishing you a big happy birthday princess.

happy birthday

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