Happy fathers day

happy fathers day


Since it is Father’s day, I thought I would dedicate a whole post to my Dad.

It is Father’s Day 2016 and it is also my Dad’s birthday in two days.

and happy birthday too!


My Dad is the first man I ever loved. As is true for many girls her dad is their Superhero. He may not have done everything right or as he should, but to a child that doesn’t really make a difference. Her dad will always hold a piece of her heart forever.


I won’t say that mine and my Dad’s relationship has always been easy because I was quite the stroppy teenager and it certainly makes things difficult.


Our relationship is not full of hugs and loving moments, that’s just not who he is and that’s not how we are together. Our relationship is tripping each other in the street, throwing a glass of water over each other, or tickling my feet until I pee (yes I’m embarrassed to admit that happened more than once). Our way of showing, our feelings to each other are very different, our way to say ‘Hey! I love you’ is to throw a punch and say ‘hey! Lets fight’.


My Dad is not a softie and isn’t the best at showing his emotion, but play fighting was our way to show each other that we love each other and still are the same even though we are older.


My dad would make us laugh. He isn’t a very funny man in the like of telling jokes (his jokes are terrible). However, at times the way he acts, presents himself and the things he does are hilarious.


He isn’t afraid to embarrass you. There have been many times when in the supermarket, we would be in an isle, and he would just throw a tantrum, like a two-year-old, or start telling us off as loudly as he could. My mum would walk away pretending she wasn’t with us, and my sisters and I would go bright red and then laugh at his stupidity. Many people’s impressions of us must be we are such a weird family. Maybe we are weird, maybe we do things differently but that’s okay, because who is it that decides what normal is? For me, for my sisters, for my family, we are normal.

Many may have dad’s that would read them a bedtime story, kiss them goodnight on their forehead and fight away the monsters under their bed. Not me, my dad would burst into your bedroom while you were trying to sleep and flip your mattress with you still in it, just because it was funny. He is a giant 5-year-old at heart.


thank you, dad, for just being you!


I want to thank you for working to provide me and my sister’s with the thing we wanted and needed. We may not thank you enough for the things that you have done for us and all the DIY we ask you to do, however, we all appreciate the things you do.


I would also say thank you for helping me with homework and learning, however, even now you come to me to ask how to spell lol (Okay thank you for your help with maths).


My dad is a bull in a china shop, he is short and bold and tough. He rarely shows his softer side but that’s okay dad because we know you have one deep down (like when Butch died in Emmerdale and the tears rolled down your cheek.)


Thank you, dad for walking me down the aisle and helping me make my big day so special. Without you, we would not have gotten married for a long time. Thank you for my dance and shedding a tear for me. Thank you for our duet to get the party started.


happy fathers day

















My childhood memories are aplenty and are partly owed to you (the other obviously mum).

My childhood was full of laughter and silliness.


Thank you, dad, for being you. I know that you don’t always do things right, or as they should be. I know that you make mistakes, and at times are silly. But thank you for being you, for if you were somebody else my life would be very different and my childhood not the same.


Always remember that no matter how old I get, and how much life changes I will always be your little girl. But don’t worry dad I’ll keep the tear that you shed for this post a secret! (and if you don’t shed a tear I might be forced to poke you with a pin until you do lol!)


Happy Father’s day!!! And Happy Birthday in two days!!!

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