January 2018 Bucket List

january 2018 bucket list








Happy New year!

2018 New Year new start new me.

Its 2018 everyone and I for one are super excited about what this new year may bring.

You may have noticed that I haven’t been very active this past month or two. In fact, I can’t even remember the last time I wrote a post. If we are completely honest I haven’t been the most interactive all year. Well 2018 I am back on the blogging train and I have a new friend to join me – My sister has dabbled in blogging for a year and has just moved to self-hosted yay her!! So I have a blogging buddy over at LaureenRose. She is going to give me the incentive to get back into blogging on a regular basis. I really have no excuse for not blogging other than I have been really lazy. I lost my job at the beginning of November and have been searching for a new one so I can’t even use the excuse that I have been working.

Last year I did a few bucket lists and it once was my favourite post to write. This year I will continue to write a bucket list and start to enjoy it like I once did. I also did a yearly bucket list last year which I may also add to the end of this post too.

Before that, it was Christmas not long ago and I have to say that I enjoyed this Christmas so much more than I have in previous years, I am pretty sure it was because I didn’t work all Christmas.

Our New Years Eve was spent playing Toilet trouble, think words and silly sausage with the kids before watching Graham Norton and the fireworks on tele. It was then straight to bed and asleep for me.

How did we get on with 2017 yearly bucket list?
Probably not good!
  • a night away with the hubby – Well I can dream and wish that we had time but we just didn’t. Maybe one day.
  • girlie night at the cinema – This one I did do. We watched Beauty and the Beast and Baywatch at the cinema. We also had a Christmas meal out too.
  • date night – I don’t think we had a real spontaneous date night, however, we did have a night out for birthdays and special occassions
  • finish first draft of book – oh dear i suck. No i didn’t get my draft done it is my mission in 2018 to get it done!
  • refurbish the bathroom – This one got done, yay!
  • go ice skating – Nope
  • see a comedian – Nope
  • BG2 Christening – Oh dear I am so bad, is two too old now?
  • have a cocktail night – No but we did have drinks at ours with friends and played silly games.
  • save enough money to move house – So close yet so far. A little more and we can move.
  • go on a family weekend away – We had planned on getting away but never got round to it.
  • take a trip to Boscastle – We wanted to spend our family weekend at Boscastle but never got to it.
  • Finish the garden – Tick
  • Lose 2st – What was I thinking?
  • Organise the downstairs cupboard – Nope
  • Watch a theatre show – Does Panto count?
  • visit the zoo – unfortunately not
  • see fireworks – We did from our bedroom window. That counts right?
  • try upcycling – Nope
  • sew something – Nope
  • read a new book every month – I really wish I had done this one. This is on my 2018 list too.
January 2018 bucket list
  • Paint and watercolour everyday post on Instagram so I am held accountable.
  • Find a new job
  • Write a chapter in my book
  • Help my dad build BG1 a radiator cover bookcase.
  • Meal plan and eat more home cooked from scratch meals


2018 yearly bucket list
  • Read a book a month
  • Save money
  • Finish my first draft
  • Enrol on a course
  • Lose weight
  • Be more organised

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