January bucket list 2017

January 2017 bucket list

Its now 2017 and this year is going to be better than ever. I don’t know why but I just believe it will be. So December has been and gone in a blur. The house continues to fall apart, with now a toilet out of use. I really should remember to call the plumber. How did we get on with our December bucket list.


December 2016 bucket list round up

  • Make mince pie muffins. Last year I made around 100 muffins for family. I don’t need that many this year but I do have seven jars of mincemeat to use up. I now have six jars of mince meat left! I made one batch of mince pie muffins which were lovely. I only ate one as I made them for a friend but didn’t find the time o make anymore batches.
  • Wrap the Christmas presents before Christmas Eve. Each year the hubby and I would sit down on Christmas Eve wrapping the kids presents. Last year we were up until half past one wrapping! Not this year, we have an extra child to wrap for this year, I will be wrapping before Christmas Eve. I thought wrapping would never end. I managed to wrap most of the presents before Christmas eve. However I went seriously overboard on gifts this year so the playmobil we bought as a joint present went unwrapped and piled in a tower instead.
  • Bake Christmas biscuits & Mince pies with the kids. Didn’t happen, bought the ingredients but we never got round to baking.
  • Make Paper chains and Paper Christmas hats with the kids. Crafting didn’t go to plan either.
  • Go Walking around the town looking at Christmas lights. Nope!
  • Deliver Christmas gifts. We did this and it took so much longer than I thought it would. All day in fact.
  • Read Christmas stories to the kids. We had new Christmas books to re
  • Watch Christmas movies. This was easy, in fact we watched a Christmas movie everyday.
  • Have fun with the Scout Elves that stay at our house each year. (Yes we do Elf on the shelf) The elves go up to their mischief and left little gifts too.
  • Celebrate the Hubby’s 30th Birthday. Me and the hubby we out for a meal with his sister and her husband. We then all came back to ours for a few drinks and a game of pointless! I lost but was a good night.
  • Put the Christmas decorations up after LM’s Birthday. The decorations did indeed go up after his birthday. Even though we didn’t put up as many as we usually do.

January’s bucket list is going to be simple because let’s face it December is always so busy you really do need a month to get over it.

January 2017 bucket list

  • Buy the kids bunk bed & move LM & BG1 into the same room
  • Move BG2 out of our bedroom and into a room of her own (not sure this will happen just yet I am quite attached to having her in our room.)
  • Lose 6lb’s
  • Make a list of jobs that need completing around the house
  • Buy BG1’s Birthday Presents
  • That reminds me buy the mother in law a birthday present – she turns 50 in februaury
  • Eat healthier
  • Get reading with the kids

2017 bucket list

I have been reading Donna’s blog What the red head for quite sometime now and I love the way she does her bucket lists. Making a list of things her and her family would like to do and achieve for that year. It means no time scale on any such thing and then once you have completed an item you cross it of the list. So I have done a years bucket list in addition to my regular bucket list.

  • a night away with the hubby
  • girlie night at the cinema
  • date night
  • finish first draft of book
  • refurbish the bathroom
  • go ice skating
  • see a comedian
  • BG2 Christening
  • have a cocktail night
  • save enough money to move house
  • go on a family weekend away
  • take a trip to Boscastle
  • Finish the garden
  • Lose 2st
  • Organise the downstairs cupboard
  • Watch a theatre show
  • visit the zoo
  • see fireworks
  • try upcycling
  • sew something
  • read a new book every month

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