June 2017 bucket list

june 2017 bucket list

I say it every month, and I think this was the worst month of them all. It went so fast. It may have been due to the fact I was working two jobs this month as I was finishing my previous job and started my new job before I had finished. But it went so fast.

I seem to be getting worse and worse at completing these bucket lists, even when I give myself easy ones to complete.

How we got on with May 2017 Bucket List

  • Start a skillshare course I didn’t do a skillshare course. But I have every intension of signing up and completing some. I did however get some paintings created which was a plus.
  • plant some flowers We did plant some flowers, we have pink dahlia’s and some other pink flowers that I don’t know what they are called now growing in the garden.
  • wash the windows I did was the French doors in the living room, but the bedroom ones are untouched and really need cleaning ready for the summer
  • Have an alcoholic drink over the bank holiday! YEs really an alcoholic one. I didn’t have a drink on the bank holiday, I worked all the bank holiday at the bar instead.
  • kill some bloomin flies that keep entering my house! Flies got well and truly swatted!
  • create my first surface pattern design I attempted a few mess arounds but nothing I actually like at the moment.
  • finish the current book I am reading. I haven’t done any of my own reading. So I didn’t finish my book however I did get many kids books read.

June 2017 Bucket List

  • Prepare for the Summer holidays
  • Paint more with watercolours
  • Have a picnic/BBQ in the garden
  • Take more pictures
  • Sort out BG2’s bedroom

What have you got planned for this June?

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