My little man is five

my little man is five

Five years today I had a beautiful 6lb 6oz baby boy in my arms. A boy that captured my heart and continues to keep that heart locked in his tiny hugs. Hugs that are so damn adorable I may just burst one day. If you haven’t read little mans birth story you should check it out here.

Five years! Where the hell has that time gone? Five years and my little man is the sweetest, confident and kind hearted little boy I know.

Today we are celebrating with tea at McDonalds with his little girlfriend. (I know cute right my five year old has a girlfriend. They have been inseparable since they started nursery when they were three.)

Since I started blogging six months ago! I know six months that’s huge and I completely forgot to do a six month bloggiversary post, probably because the baby has had a chest infection and been very poorly. Any way, in that six months I have read many other bloggers kids birthday post which included a questionnaire. A questionnaire asked to the child to look back on as they grown and their thoughts, need and feelings change over the years. I love this idea and so decided to ask Little Man a bunch of questions for this post.


happy birthday

Little Man – Birthday questionnaire aged 5

Who is your favourite person?
My girlsfriend and you *hugs and squeezes me tight*

What is your favourite colour?
Red & Golden

What is your favourite television show?
Lightening McQueen

Whats your favourite cereal?
Weetabix & Rice krispies

What do you want to be when you grow up?
A daddy


happy birthday

Whats your favourite book?
Cars 2

Where do you want to go on holiday?
The Bach when I am a daddy

What would you spend £1000 on?
Lots of things! That, that, that, that, that and that

What vegetable to you hate?
Peas! *not a moments hesitation*

What would you wish for?
That we had a car


happy birthday

What’s your favourite ice cream?
Vallila, strawberry & chocolate

Who is your biggest hero?
My Sister

What would you like to get to do before your next birthday?
Have breakfast in bed

How old are you?

Whats your favourite thing to do?
Playing cars


happy birthday

What’s your favourite food?

What do you like to do as a family?
Hug them! *squeezes me & BG1*

What is your favourite toy?
Hot Wheels

What makes you happy?
You! *gives me a big hug – I was on a roll with all this hugging!*

What makes you sad?
When BG1 get’s angry


happy birthday

What do you think about when you fall asleep?
Funny stuff

What is your favourite song?
Lightening Mcqueen song *if you don’t know it is life is a highway by Rascal Flatts

What scares you?

What is your favourite animal?
Sheep & cows, giraffes & snakes

Whats your favourite dinosaur?
Stegosaurus & T-Rex

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