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In 2017 there seem to be more and more ways to earn money online. Blogging is just one way people can benefit from earning money on the world wide web, although it takes time and determination there are many sources to be found. Recently I have been looking at ways to make passive income to boost our household funds. Although many of the ways are not big earners having the octopus approach soon adds up.

One way of making passive income which can be really fun to do is to sell your photographs. Most of you know that I don’t take pictures of my kids’ faces on this blog so I try and take as many different pictures as possible, along my way learning more about my DSLR that I have had for eight years and still don’t know how to use properly. Selling photographs is something I had seriously looked into.


I love taking photos and messing around in Photoshop. So really I would be doing something that I already do and love, and then simply uploading it to the Gallerist App.
Using the Gallerist app was as simple as downloading it onto your IOS or android, you can create an account and start uploading your photos to your page. It doesn’t stop there, you can also search through other sellers and buy their work too.

You can choose a category that you are interested in and create different folders for different subjects. For example, I take many photographs of flowers and also abstract angles; I can therefore have a separate file for each subject matter.


Your images are them open to many varieties of people, from private buyers who enjoy your work to businesses wanting to use your photographs for commercial purposes.

Gallerist App tries to be different from other photograph marketplace, that’s why they have a community feature. You are able to like others photos and contact your favourite sellers and build a relationship with them, the same way you would in any business.

I have signed up for a seller account and am spending the summer gaining photographs ready to upload to GalleristApp.

This post is in collaboration with Gallerist App

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