My little mans birth story

my little mans birth story

I wrote previously about my big girls birth story . It’s only fair that I do my little man’s too.

Little Man was due nine months after my wedding day. Coincidence right? Not really, We had wanted another baby for quite sometime, BG1 was only six months old when I came off the pill (not sure it was worth me even starting it). I have always wanted my children close in age so this seemed reasonable.

However as with many things, it doesn’t always go to plan. It took eighteen months before I finally fell pregnant. It was suggested to me to try the clear blue fertility monitor (this is the newer version) by my uncle, after him and his wife had used one.

I got to a point where I was desperate for another baby, BG1 was two and was no longer a baby. We decided to just go for it, if we fell pregnant as a result it would be well worth the money.

I waited for my next period and started to pee on sticks daily, the days ticked bye and nothing 14…15…16…17days went by and still not a Dickie bird 18…19….20…21 still nothing. I was beginning to think I just don’t ovulate. Day 22 of my cycle and a little egg appeared on the monitor. Woohoo! I was ecstatic, probably more than one should be at a sign of an egg, but it seemed to take forever. So it is determined I ovulate late, no wonder we weren’t getting pregnant.

Even more excitement followed a couple of weeks later when the other little stick showed up positive.

I’m Pregnant!

My pregnancy progressed nicely, I had a bigger bump than I did with BG1 – which was pretty much none. I had a huge amount of heart burn, the sleepless nights, sore boobs, most typical pregnancy ailments, I had them. At twenty-eight I had a glucose test (totally not a fan and almost threw my guts up). Thankfully it came back normal, I did realise that the pee tests were showing glucose when I had eaten something sugar before going to bed and going toilet a large amount of times in the night.

At 32 weeks I was given steroid injections due to BG1 being early. I was expecting LM to be early too. That was far from wrong. He held in there until thirty-nine weeks on the dot.

labour begins…

Early hours of a Wednesday morning – 2am – my partner had been to a party and fell asleep on the sofa, I crept downstairs to wake him to come to bed. At 2.15am I felt a sharp pain in my lower stomach, it was an unusual pain and seeing as I was so late in recognising I was in labour with BG1 I wasn’t going to take any chances.

Low and behold five minutes later I had another one, this time it was more distinguishable so I made my way to the toilet (notice a theme with my births – the toilet is always involved). It was then that I had my show and I knew for definite this was it. I text my mum to pick me up, and made my way to wake the Hubby. He wasn’t to happy that I woke him in his still intoxicated state, but he knew he would get an earful.

Within a space of fifteen minutes my contractions had gone from 5 minutes apart to only two minutes apart, they were getting closer with each contraction.

I sat down on the bed to put my socks on, however I was met with an excruciating pain shooting up through my body. I was unable to sit and lay back on the bed, knowing I was not going to make it to the hospital I urged he Hubby to call the labour ward, this baby was coming.

At that moment the tribe that are my family strolled through the door. My mum being there at my first labour heard me from upstairs and instinctively knew I was not far from giving birth. She instructed my dad to call the ambulance as she and my sister came to help me.

The hospital was on the line with the hubby instructing him what to do while we wait for the midwife. The 911 call centre was on the line instructing my mum what to do.

Apparently I screamed a lot! I didn’t think I was that bad, but when three people tell me I was then you can’t really argue.

I was scared to push, I was not ready for this baby to make it appearance. I remember telling my mum to F**k off when she touched my legs. I was extra sensitive during this labour.

My Dad and middle sister left us to it, they stayed well out of the way waiting for the ambulance and midwife.

…And ends in a flash!

Hubby was running around finding towels. He happened to go past the bedroom door as Lm slid out. My mum literally had to stop him from sliding off the bed.

Lm was born at 3.05am. My mum and little sister helped deliver him, my husband almost missed it. BG1 woke up at the same time, I remember standing at her gate saying ‘ is my brother borned now’. Even now she will mention that evening vividly in her mind and say ‘All the doctors were at our house when LM was born in your bed’.

The ambulance arrived a few minutes later and the midwife shortly after that.

The hubby set about making every one a cup of tea. While I was being attend to by the midwife.

I had always planned a home birth with BG1 and that never happened (read her birth story here). With LM I had planned a hospital birth and surprise surprise that never happened either.

Little man had to be monitored as his temperature was low so the midwife was going to come back at 8.00am to check on him.

Once the medical staff left I couldn’t wait to get in the shower. While I was in the shower my mum got baby dressed, cleaned the bedroom and changed the sheets.

It felt amazing after my shower to climb into a clean bed with fresh clean sheets a cup of tea and a new baby to snuggle.

The midwife did eventually come back and little man’s temperature. Still it was low so we ended up going into hospital for a night stay to be monitored.

Yes that was a bummer. The best part of a home birth is your own bed, so I was a little disappointed to have to leave the house.

Although it was unexpected and unplanned I would still have another home birth. I was planning on a home birth with my third baby, but once again that never happened. But one day maybe I will get my planned home birth.

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