November 2017 Bucket list


november 2017 bucket list

it’s November people.

November 2017 is here. One month closer to Christmas. The time of year of Christma gift guide, Christmas bakes and makes and everything festive. Halloween has past and Holly and Mauled wine are on their way. I love Christmas. The close has gone back, the nights are getting darker earlier the heating will soon be going on. It isn’t raining at the moment, the weather is crisp and fresh and just the way I like it.

How did we get on with October 2017 bucket list

October 2017 bucket list

  • Make Krispie monster treats – We made rice Krispie monsters. They turned out great and the kids loved making them. Even if I did forget to take a picture before they were all demolished.
  • Go trick or treating – This year we decided not to go trick or treating. Even though the kids took some persuading. BG1 had a school trip on Halloween so we got home a lot later than we would usually. So instead we opted for dressing up and handing out sweets, buying a takeaway and watching Halloween movies in the warmth of the house.
  • continue to post once a week I have not been posting once a week this month I have missed a week or so, not so good. But do have a few great reviews coming this way shortly.
  • finish my cross stitch elfBooo!!!! I haven’t finished my cross stitch. I’m not sure how people can cross stick for a long period of time it puts a strain on my eyes.
  • Finish a wire wrap necklace – I finished my wire wrap pendant at least, it wasn’t the best it looked wonky and I wasn’t too happy with it but practice makes perfect I guess.
  • Finish my felted fairy – I haven’t finished the fairy either. Instead, I have been creating more watercolours and hammered copper bangles. I just have to keep trying new things even if the others don’t get finished.
  • Finish another chapter of my story – Another chapter down and moving onto the next one.
  • Start preparing for Christmas – it’s official, I have started my Christmas shopping.


NOvember 2017 bucket list

  • Write another chapter. I will get this book finished!
  • Try more wire wrapping.
  • Practice hand lettering worthy of instagram.
  • Make more hammered jewellery.
  • Finish xmas shopping
  • Find a new course to try

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