October 2017 Bucket List

october 2017 bucket list








It’s October!!!!

The fall is here, the leaves are turning golden and falling from the tree. The weather has been quite mild and I have yet to get out my thick winter coat yet. We have seen a few days of rain but the sun still shines through. I am set for a busy next few months getting prepared for Christmas. My favourite time of year. Is it wrong to want to listen to Christmas songs already?

We had a rather short bucket list for September 2017 so how did we do?


September 2017 Bucket List

  • Write 250 words a day on my story. The one I have been writing for a while now and spend more time re-reading it than actually writing it. I didn’t quite get 250 words written every day, however, I did get another chapter done. 
  • Celebrate BG2s second birthday. Poor BG2 was poorly for her birthday so we didn’t get to go to soft play but she did enjoy her new presents and had a lovely day.
  • Practice felting – my new craft I want to learn. I have started a felting project, and wire wrapped jewellery and cross stitch. I have been busy crafting this month and hope to continue
  • Continue posting at least one blog post a week!! I have posted one post each week since writing my September bucket list which is a good start.


October 2017 bucket list

  • Make krispie monster treats
  • Go trick or treating
  • continue to post once a week
  • finish my cross stitch elf
  • Finish a wire wrap necklace
  • Finish my felted fairy
  • Finish another chapter of my story
  • Start preparing for Christmas

Again this month is fairly simple to complete. We will just be finishing off already started projects. Simple right?

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