Painting Cards For Father’s Day


Sunday the Hubby was sent upstairs out of the way. We were supposed to have painted Father’s day cards for him Saturday. However, it was so busy with my nephews at the house and having a Queen’s tea party, we did not get chance.

Therefore, Hubby was banished to the bedroom while the kids and I got the paints out.

It did not start great. I wanted to paint the kids hands and feet to make the cards. I started with BG2’s foot and that went well, however she was getting tired so we sent her upstairs with Daddy.

I had put some water into the baby bath so the kids could wash their hands and feet. Wrong move. Our cat loves water, she decided to play with the water and split the blooming thing all over the rug. I’m grateful we have a dark rug, as the bath water was a lovely shade of purple!



BG1 embraced the hand painting and thought it was great, she would have made a dozen cards if left too her own devices.



LM was not so convinced, give him a spade and mud, he is a happy boy. Anything else that makes him dirty is a big no go. I tried painting his hand and we had big tears, so mummy had to paint her hand instead. A rainbow, he decided we would paint my hand and later decided he was not going to use that card.




In the end, the kids made three cards each and then moved onto painting on sheets of paper. LM did a rainbow theme throughout the array of paintings.





We used the paper cups leftover from Yesterdays Queens tea party to use as paint pots, which came in handy.







LM also found my paper crimper in the craft box and spent most of the afternoon tearing strips of paper to corrugate.

I also realised after taking these photos and uploading them, that my lens was dirty.

I am posting this before father’s day! Here’s hoping hubby doesn’t all of a sudden decide to read my blog!

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