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The unexpected beach trip

Sometimes the moments we enjoy the most are the ones that aren’t planned. The unexpected days that take you by surprise. That’s what happened to us this week.

It’s the summer holidays, we make a bucket list of all the activities we want to do during the six week holiday. This summer the hubby is very busy at work so we weren’t expecting him to have any time off. However, due to work not being finished and updated in time he unexpectedly got Friday off.

This meant he could join in with a day out from our bucket list.

We narrowed the choice down to soft play, bowling or beach and arcades. We made the choice to take a trip to the beach. The weather hadn’t been great for a couple of days – pretty much non stop rain – so the beach should be quiet. Today it had rained early morning but soon dried up. It was still fairly cloudy but warm.


on the hunt for 2p’s

The day started like every other day. We got up, got dressed, had breakfast and that all-important mug of coffee. I then pulled out all the copper jars. I needed as many 2p’s as possible for the penny pusher machines at the arcade. You know the ones that kids love and if we care to admit so do the adults. You spend more money on those machines than you get back out trying to win that crappy key-ring that you could have bought at the gift shop for a quid.

We stayed at Haven Holiday park earlier this year so most of the 2p’s went there. I managed to scrape together about a pounds worth of 2p’s. I decided to also take all the 5p’s with us too – we seem to accumulate loads of them. Seriously does anybody actually use 5p’s. We ended up with about £6 in 5p’s to take to the arcade.

We made our way into town to catch the bus. The kids walked hand in hand down the street eager to catch the bus to the beach.

beach trip








Do you ever have those moments when you are doubled over the pushchair, holding the babies bottle while she drinks her milk? Because she is too lazy to hold it herself, however, you still have to push the damn pram down the street and watch where you are going while feeding the baby. It was supposed to be easier once she was able to feed herself.

waiting for the bus

We got to the bus stop in time and stood around waiting for the bus. The one we needed arrives every 10 minutes however it didn’t arrive. Maybe I had got the times wrong maybe it was every 15minutes. 15 minutes passed no bus. Nope, it wasn’t every 20minutes I know this because we catch this bus regularly to go shopping. 20 minutes passed and we all began to get a little restless from waiting. 30 minutes waiting, we could have walked from here to the beach in 30 minutes.

40 minutes later and the bus drove over the bridge and pulled up at the curb next to the bus stop, followed by 3 more of the same number bus. There must have been a big hold up to have all 4 buses arrive at once.

We boarded the bus and took our seats. This was a new bus route for the kids, we usually get off at this stop not on. This promoted the question ‘Is this our stop?’ at every single bus stop on the journey.

at last, we arrive at the beach

We arrived at the seafront and promptly made the decision to grab something for lunch. We headed to the best chippy at the beach and ordered sausage and chips to takeaway. It came to £10.20. I really didn’t want to break into another note for 20p so I dug into the changing bag for the bag of 5p’s. While my Husband taunted me with ‘Oh hurry up will you’ and ‘Your holding everybody up, this is embarrassing.’ He knew exactly what he was doing and I threatened to punch him in the face if he didn’t shut up. Is laughter grew louder at this point.

beach trip








We sat on a bench on the green facing the seawall and all the water. It was beautiful, to have such a view when eating lunch. I expected it to be windy and cold once we arrived at the beach, however, I was wrong. The sun shone and the wind wasn’t cold at all, it was lovely and warm.

beach trip








exploring the rocks

Once we had finished lunch we walked along the seafront to the far side of the beach where all the rock pools were.

beach trip









The hubby and I lifted the pram down the set of steep steps and settled it on the pebbles. BG2 and I were stuck on the pebbles while the hubby took BG1 and LM to explore the rock pools.

I tried to take photos of them from where I was but it was no good. I had only brought my compact with me and not my DSLR, it was at that moment when I completely regretted that decision.

There was only one thing left to do, I lifted the pram and carried it over the pebbles to get closer. The kids – especially LM – loved exploring the rock pools, finding crabs and prawns.

*Note to self – Next time arrange a babysitter for BG2 and take our net’s and bucket’s so we can explore further.

The tide was slowly coming in so we had to move back to the steps.

We then walked back over to the main part of the beach to have a go in the arcades.

beach trip

fun I the arcades

I dug into the baby changing bag and retrieved the 2p’s. The kids were off winning tickets to get prizes.

beach trip

We had a ball, the kids love winning tickets. I set about finding a machine that accepted 5p’s. Eventually, we found a slot machine that paid winnings in tickets that accepted 5p’s.

I reached into the changing bag for the 5p bag and the bag had broken – just my luck. The 5p’s were all over the bottom of the bag. Each time I dug into the bag out came a handful of 5p’s. They just kept coming.

beach trip

exchanging the winnings

The hubby won the jackpot putting 500 tickets in the kid’s hands. By the end of our time in the arcade, we had over 1200 tickets. We went and changed the tickets up for prizes. The kids chose a ‘Raging bull rodeo’ game for 1000 tickets. BG1 chose a Union Jack key ring notepad and a lollipop. LM chose two plastic pirates jewels in pink and red and a lollipop.

winning tickets









As we were about to leave LM spotted the mini bowling that we had purposely gone to this specific arcade for. However, we had run out of change and couldn’t play. This brought on the tears from LM., we then agreed to take LM to the mini bowl at the American Diner near Asda during the week.

Let’s not forget the doughnuts

We left the arcade and headed to the ice cream beach hut around the corner. They do the best freshly made hot doughnuts – these were the main reason the hubby agreed to go to the beach today. Hot doughnut’s I find have the same reaction as Marmite – you either love them or hate them. We love hot doughnuts – kids included. That smell it’s amazing!

They sell the doughnut’s 4 for £2, perfect for our little family. Although the hubby would have eaten 4 to himself. If I am honest so could I but we were good and only ordered the 4.

The kids were fascinated with watching the doughnuts be made and sliding into the sugar. The hut attendant chuckled at the kid’s excitement.

We sat at the picnic table to eat our doughnut’s. The kids were covered in sugar by the end of them.

winning tickets








or the sweets

Once finished we headed back to the green so the kids could play on the pirate ship playground before moving onto the sweetshop.

The last stop for the kids before we headed home was the sweet shop. They chose their sweets for after their tea. We almost left without paying for BG1’s chocolate who still had hers in her hand. We were about to walk away when she said ‘don’t forget this one’. I thought it was cheap.

beach trip








We got back on the bus and headed back into town ready for the walk home. BG2 had been an angel the entire day. She was more than happy to chill in her pram and watch the world.

time to go home for more pirate adventure

beach trip








Once back in town we made one more stop to my sister-in-laws before heading home.

When we finally arrived back home the kids headed straight outside to play with LM’s new jewels. LM loves swashbuckler on CBeebies, so they set about hiding the jewels in the garden and played their own version of swashbuckler until bedtime.

I love long days out, everybody is more than ready for bed by the end of the day.

This day is another activity crossed off the summer bucket list. A day made even more special and memorable by the presence of the hubby.

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