My blog has disappeared

my blog has disappeared

It happened. Thee are two things all bloggers dread that will happen to them. 1. They get hacked and 2. There blog disappears.

Well my blog disappeared. My own stupid fault. I turned off my automatic renew on my web hosting, but kept it renewed on my domain. I had all intension of shopping around for a new host and never got round to it. So when my blog hosting was up to renew It went un noticed until my blog was completely offline. Grrrrr. I could seriously kick my self. I mad the worst mistake ever. I did not back up my work in like forever.

I am so stupid and so annoyed at myself that I didn’t back up my files. it would have saved so much hassle. I contacted my web hosting and they were unable to restore my old blog files double poo!

So I have been trawling through google cached pages of my site to recover as much of my blog as possible. it is a long and boring process. It works but it takes forever, so I haven’t written a post in a few weeks and I expect it will be another week or two before I write another one. It really has knocked my motivation. I love summer and have so many posts I want to write all over the summer holidays but now I just ain’t feeling it.

I am going to spend a couple of nights trying to retrieve all 200 posts and all the comments and get some motivation back.

I had over 2000 comments on this blog and the only way I can think of getting them back is by adding them to the bottom of the blog post, I cant think of any other way to add them. That annoys me even more.

Huge warning fellow bloggers BACK YOUR FILES!!!!!!