A new day

a new day









Its a new day, a new school year and who knows what today will bring. i have been away for quite some time from my blog and i have really  missed it. i got really disheartened when my blog posts up and left me and i just couldn’t find motivation to retrieve them. However the last few day i have retrieved about 40 of my posts. I know i won’t be able to retrieve all of them as not all of them have been cached on google which is a shame because there are some of my favourites that haven’t been cached like my fathers day 2016 post. But i guess this gives me a bit of a fresh start to get creative again.

So now the kids are back to school and i have a new job that frees up a bit of time i am aiming for 2 new posts a week.

Get over losing my blog was hard, all that time and effort feels wasted but i am slowly building a new one and gaining my blogging enjoyment again.

So what have we been up to since i have been away?

Well BG2 is turning 2 in a few weeks and i can’t believe how fast she is growing. Her speech astounds me every day. She picks words up so easily. She went to my husband just yesterday “Daddy you ha boobies” well i was gone. She thinks the word boobies is hilarious.

LM has lost his first tooth which he was super excited about. Especially when the tooth fairy arrived and left him some shiny coins for the morning.

BG1 still hasn’t stopped talking and has also started collecting books so she can build a library in her bedroom.

It was also my birthday a couple of weeks ago. I turned the lovely age of 29. As always i was spoilt with a beautiful flamingo necklace and a geode crystal.

This week i will be uploading my September bucket list and an August round up before it gets too late so look out for those posts!

My blog has disappeared

my blog has disappeared

It happened. Thee are two things all bloggers dread that will happen to them. 1. They get hacked and 2. There blog disappears.

Well my blog disappeared. My own stupid fault. I turned off my automatic renew on my web hosting, but kept it renewed on my domain. I had all intension of shopping around for a new host and never got round to it. So when my blog hosting was up to renew It went un noticed until my blog was completely offline. Grrrrr. I could seriously kick my self. I mad the worst mistake ever. I did not back up my work in like forever.

I am so stupid and so annoyed at myself that I didn’t back up my files. it would have saved so much hassle. I contacted my web hosting and they were unable to restore my old blog files double poo!

So I have been trawling through google cached pages of my site to recover as much of my blog as possible. it is a long and boring process. It works but it takes forever, so I haven’t written a post in a few weeks and I expect it will be another week or two before I write another one. It really has knocked my motivation. I love summer and have so many posts I want to write all over the summer holidays but now I just ain’t feeling it.

I am going to spend a couple of nights trying to retrieve all 200 posts and all the comments and get some motivation back.

I had over 2000 comments on this blog and the only way I can think of getting them back is by adding them to the bottom of the blog post, I cant think of any other way to add them. That annoys me even more.

Huge warning fellow bloggers BACK YOUR FILES!!!!!!

Blog Goals 2017

blog goals 2017

So I am finally feeling in the blogging mood today, and maybe I should have wrote this at the beginning of january. But better late then never right?


I have set some blogging goals in some of my past bucket lists. But now as I have now been blogging over six months (that past unnoticed – and without a bloggaversary post) and it is a new year I felt like I needd to set some blogging goals for the year. I am still not very confident and don’t feel like I have the courage to go to a blog event just yet but this will be on my blog goals for 2018.


2017 Blog Goals

  • Reach 3500 twitter followers
  • Reach 500 followers on pinterest
  • Reach 500 followers on instagram
  • Reach 250 followers on Bloglovin’
  • Reach 1000 likes on facebook
  • Have a DA of 28+
  • Earn an extra £100 a month by the end of the year.
  • Write at least 2 posts a week
  • Join 3 link parties a week
  • Host more giveaways
  • Write a review a month

Exmoor zoo – Family trip

exmoor zoo - family trip









A couple weekends ago we headed to Exmoor Zoo for the day. I have said before when we spent the day at Paignton zoo how much I love going to the zoo. Exmoor Zoo is a little closer to home and a much smaller zoo than Paignton.

It doesn’t have Elephants, Giraffes, Gorillas, Zebras, Tigers, Lions or Rhino’s. None of the big animals you come to expect from the larger zoos. Its a smaller zoo but a fascinating one.

It had been around four years since we last visited the zoo and much has changed. Exmoor zoo is constantly being updated and improved. I was greatly impressed with the work that had been done to new enclosures since I had last visited.

Exmoor zoo might be small but it houses a huge range of animals. Sometimes smaller zoos are better than the bigger ones. In bigger zoos you can get lost, miss animals and get trampled on by other guests. Smaller zoos are quieter, and follow an easier route so you don’t miss animals.

Housing Monkeys, Meerkats, Pumas, singing dogs and the famous Exmoor Beast there are plenty of beautiful and unusual animals to take a look at.

exmoor zoo meerkat

The Meerkats were on the look out and were gorgeous to look at. I took charge of the camera on this trip as the husband took the pictures at Paignton Zoo.

exmoor zoo meerkat

We stopped at the playground for the kids to burn me energy. BG2 loved her ride on the swings. It was very cold on our trip but it didn’t rain which made the day more enjoyable. We don’t mind the cold.

exmoor zoo


exmoor zoo

The animals were so active on our visit. We spent more time watching the animals at our visit to Exmoor Zoo than we did at Paignton Zoo as we were able to watch the animals easier and they were fascinating to watch.

The wild dogs were one of the first larger enclosures we seen. They were just as intrigued by us as we were by them.

exmoor zoo wild dogs


exmoor zoo


exmoor zoo

The monkeys looked very grumpy in their trees. This is what the Hubby looks like when I ask him to do housework!!

Exmoor Zoo

BG1 loved her time spent at the zoo, her favourite animal is the Exmoor beast.

exmoor zoo


exmoor zoo

The Pumas were the most active of the day, I could have spent hours watching them.

exmoor zoo

The wolves didn’t keep still either, it took me quite a few shots to get a descent picture, they were keeping a close eye on the wild dogs that they had clear view of from their enclosure.

exmoor zoo

LM couldn’t wait to touch a snake, BG1 chickened out at the last minute.

exmoor zoo

At the end of the day we were exhausted from our amazing trip at Exmoor zoo and won’t be leaving it so long until our next visit.