December 2016 bucket list

december 2016 bucket list









Were has November gone! What happened, did I sleep through the entire month because I don’t have a clue how we got to December so fast! One minute I was writing about October and Halloween and now Christmas is just a few weeks away. November has been a blur and nothing much has gotten done that includes housework, blog posts and goals.

I wish these months would go slower but since returning to work at the end of September the months are flying by and I am struggling to keep up with what day and month it is.

Before we find out what’s on the December 2016 bucket list how did we get on with Novembers bucket list?

  • Reach 2000 twitter followers. It may be a push but I think I can do it. I said it would be a push and it really was. My Twitter is currently sat just over 1.5K followers and it hasn’t moved much all month. Probably because I really need a kick up the A***e and start engaging a bit more. I did join in with a twitter party this month which was a first for me. I had stayed clear from them because I wasn’t sure what it involved,however I was really intrigued by the subject so gave it ago. It was lovely when I found out I had won a £25 gift voucher so was well worth joining in.
  • Reach 250 likes on facebook. Maybe. So close yet so far, I reached 220 likes this month so I am not too dissappinted.
  • BOOK THE PANTO!!! Yay!!! I finally completed one!!! We are booked in for the panto a few days before Christmas, we have our favourite seats and can’t wait.
  • Make a Christmas decoration on the sewing machine. I didn’t make any decorations on the sewing machine this month, I did however start making paper origami decorations and PomPoms ready to make a Christmas garland so that’s a start. I just hope the get finished in time for Christmas.


December 2016 bucket list – Christmas


  • Make mince pie muffins. Last year I made around 100 muffins for family. I don’t need that many this year but I do have seven jars of mincemeat to use up.
  • Wrap the Christmas presents before Christmas Eve. Each year the hubby and I would sit down on Christmas Eve wrapping the kids presents. Last year we were up until half past one wrapping! Not this year, we have an extra child to wrap for this year, I will be wrapping before Christmas Eve.
  • Bake Christmas biscuits & Mince pies with the kids
  • Make Paper chains and Paper Christmas hats with the kids
  • Go Walking around the town looking at Christmas lights.
  • Deliver Christmas gifts.
  • Read Christmas stories to the kids
  • Watch Christmas movies
  • Have fun with the Scout Elves that stay at our house each year. (Yes we do Elf on the shelf)
  • Celebrate the Hubby’s 30th Birthday
  • Put the Christmas decorations up after LM’s Birthday

Long list this month, but it’s Christmas it’s always a busy time of year. What’s on your Christmas Bucket list?