ten years together

ten years together
Today I am celebrating ten years together with my husband. Not ten years married but ten years together, as a couple. Ten years of kisses, late night giggles, and hugs, ten years of tears and emotion.Ten years of waking up next to him.

I don’t know how we have managed ten years together, it sounds like a long time to be with one person yet the time has gone in an instant. Ten years has brought us three beautiful children a marriage and a home to make memories in.

I know that my husband will get a notification once I press publish on this post and I know that he will read my post like he does every other post I write. So this post is all about YOU my husband, my friend, my forever. So when you come home from work tonight you can say like you do every time you read my post, I found some more stuff out today that I didn’t know.

ten years together

We were young when we first met, I was 19 and you were 21. I felt an instant attraction to you, even if I was blind drunk. You didn’t know me, you didn’t have to care but you did, you held me up and made sure I didn’t get hit by a car crossing the road. We danced and said goodnight. Back then I would not have had the confidence to ask for your number, it was lucky that you are my cousins best friend. He gave me your number and gave you mine and the rest is history.

Over the years our relationship moved fast, we were expecting our first baby after five short months together, and you moved into my parents after 9 months together.

I wouldn’t say that this past ten years hasn’t always been easy because we have certainly had our rough times. But those moments are just a fraction of who we are as a couple.

ten years together

You are my rock when I am sad, you hold me and don’t say a word when I just need to be comforted. You give me space when I am in a bad mood, you make me a brew even though it is my turn to put the kettle on. You let me go to bed and read even though the kids are still running around like lunatics. You put up with me when I act like a four-year-old hyped up on sugar late at night when I don’t shut up. You listen to my crazy conversations when my mind has run away with my mouth and all you really want to do is tell me to shut up. You believe in me and encourage me to do the things I love even when I get frustrated when it goes wrong.

I love the way that we still kiss each other three times whenever we say goodbye, hello, goodnight or at any opportunity, we get to kiss each other. I love that sometimes you tease me by giving me two kisses and because you are a giant I can’t reach to get the third. I love that I know what you are thinking or going to say before even you know. I love that you randomly text me ‘I love you’.  I love that even after ten years together I can honestly say that I love you more today than any other day we have been together and I will love you more tomorrow than I do today.

I couldn’t have fallen in love with a better husband, father and friend. And even though there are times you make me mad every day you somehow make me smile.

We have been together for ten years and we still have another lifetime to go.



Why I Love Christmas

why i love christmas

Eeeeekkk!!! It’s almost here guys! Just over a week before the big day I wait all year for. It’s Christmas everybody and it is my favourite time of year. The 25th of December people either love it or hate it. My husband hates the holiday, he turns into a grumpy old man and can’t wait for it to be over. Me on the other hand has more than enough festive spirit for the both of us. I start buying Christmas prestents in May and buy the time December arrives all I have to do is wrap them. So here are my reasons I love Christmas.

  1.  Magic. Christmas gives you a sense of magic. I feel like a child again. Santa is arriving and comes down your chimney, elves come to life, reindeer flying. Christmas is full of magic.
  2. Christmas food. The most of December is full of feasting with the likes of work parties, Christmas markets, Christmas festivals, Girlie Christmas parties, Christmas day dinner. Oh! Christmas day dinner, the meal of all meals. The turkey that could feed three families even though its just four of you, so you end up eating turkey for the next three days afterwards. All the trimmings, Christmas cake, Christmas pudding. I am sure I will be putting a stone on this Christmas and start endless amount of diets next year.
  3.  Family & Friends. Christmas is the time of year when you get the chance to spend more time with your family and friends. People you don’t usually see throughout the year, enjoying free time that you don’t usually have in the year.
  4. Christmas lights. I love walking through the streets when its dark out and everybody has their lights on their houses. Sparkling and twinkling lights brightens the streets.
  5. Children’s faces. The kids! Christmas is all about the kids. Their faces speak a thousand words on Christmas morning when they see that Santa has arrived Christmas morning, the glass of milk is empty and there are crumbs on the plate where a mince pie once sat. The sparkle and excitement in their eyes is what Christmas is all about for me. My kids.
  6. Christmas songs. Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without the songs in the background. The likes of Shaking Stevens, Wizzard, Jim Reeves and Mariah Carey Are on constant play in our house throughout the week before Christmas.
  7. Christmas movies. Christmas movie nights are the best. Curled up on the sofa in your jammies with a tin of chocolates that we always buy every year even though they are over priced. Christmas movies such as Santa Clause, The Grinch and Muppets Christmas carol.
  8.  Christmas Decorations. This year I haven’t put as many decorations up, usually our house looks like Santa’s grotto, however the tree is always decorated and cluttered just the way we like it. Christmas wouldn’t be the same without decorations.

What do you love about Christmas? How will you be celebrating Christmas this year?