Time for a change

time for a change

The sun has been shining over the weekend, and we went for a lovely walk Sunday morning. We came home and spent the afternoon in the garden planning tomatoes and strawberries.
The garden is slowly coming along with a path set in place and the gravel is down. BG1 had a lovely time dancing all over the gravel helping the hubby to compact it down. She truly is a little nutter. Sometimes I would go as far as she isn’t really human but some weird alien, but then I remember that I was just as weird at her age (and just as bad a dress sense).
So I haven’t been writing many posts of late, I have been busy with work and un motivated. Plus my laptop broke – yes the one I kept writing about that was a pile of rubbish. I have, with some persuasion from the hubby bought a new laptop. So I am now back online and able to write my posts faster.
My work life is also changing. I handed in my notice at work two weeks ago and now am working at a bar. It is a complete change from working in an office answering phones and emails helping people book a holiday. From now on I will be pulling pints, serving food and looking out over the beach.
It is a change of pace that was long overdue. Since going back to work after my maternity leave in September I have not been settled at work. It felt more of a chore and stressful as the weeks went on. I love my job and the people there but I no longer enjoyed it. It was time for a change.
A few weeks ago, I was offered a bar position that not only offered me more flexible hours and more money but the break and freedom I need. I wanted a more relaxed atmosphere and something that didn’t use up the very few brain cells I have left (mummy brain).
I have been doing the odd shift in between working at my current job until my last shift next week.
It is different, I had never pulled a pint in my life and the first one I did pull was not a disaster which was a nice surprise. But I am not alone, it is turning into a little family business, my uncle has leased the bar. My Mum, Little Sister, Aunt, Uncle and s few of my cousins all work with me.
I am hoping that this new job will lighten mood, work load and give me more time with my family.

I am looking forward to a happier work/life balance.

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