trip to the dentist with the kids

kids trip to the dentist

Yesterday it was the kids regular six month check up at the dentist. I despise these trips.

BG1 loves the dentist, she is happy to jump up on the chair, open her mouth wide and choose her sticker at the end. I have had no problems with her from the start.

LM on the other hand is a nightmare! He refuses to sit on the chair, to open his mouth and look at anybody. I have tried everything. So I have resorted to taking my mum. The last time she took him I was at work, he did not make it easy but he did let the dentist have a look inside his mouth.

If it means we get the visit over and done with smoothly, I’m all for taking Nanny with us. She came with us and I was all positive things would go well, they didn’t. He refused to let the dentist look in his mouth again. Better luck next time.

Preparing for a trip to the dentist.

Now these tips may not have worked with my Little Man but they did with BG1.
•Let them go with you a few times. If they see that you aren’t scared they will feel more at ease when it’s their turn.
•Take them from a young age. Once they start getting their milk teeth, take them to the dentist, even if it is just watching you sat in the chair or they open their mouth for the dentist. It will make the next appointment much easier.
•Get into the habit of visiting the Dentist twice a year. Routine is key.
•Practise at home, role play dentists with your child. Get your child to open their mouth and say ‘aaahhh’ and peak in pretending you are a dentist. Let them do the same with you.
•Turn role play into learning, count their teeth with them, then it’s their turn.
•Read books about dentist visits such as: Peppa Pig: Dentist trip , Topsy and Tim go to the Dentist and Biff, Chip & Kipper: Going to the Dentist
•Remember to stay calm. This at times can be easier said then done, I know. I have come close to loosing my rag with little man at the Dentist office. Please remember that they are used to the tantrums and ‘not wanting to be there’ attitudes.
•Making brushing fun. In our house we use silly sounds for brushing the front like ‘eeeee’ and ‘aaaahhh’ for the back teeth.
•Persistence will pay off eventually. I am hoping and praying this will be the case with LM.

Have you taken your child to the dentist yet? Did they enjoy it? Or are they a nightmare too? Do you have any more tips to add? Let me know and comment below!

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