the weekend didn’t go as i planned

the weekend

This weekend was supposed to a good weekend to a) have a lie in and b) clean completely through top to bottom. Did it go to plan? No! When does it ever go to plan. Not in our house it doesn’t. BG1 has been doing fun fit at school since starting back after Christmas and has to be at school by 8:30am. It’s exhausting! However we have been getting on with it.

This weekend was my weekend off from work and I had planned to lie in until atleast 9am. However the kids had other ideas. BG2 & LM both woke at 6:30am Saturday and climbed into bed with me seeing as Daddy fell asleep on the sofa. Sunday BG2 had a restless sleep and was awake on and off since 2:30am, LM followed suit at 6am. So my all important lie in was a big flop.

We had also planned to clean the entire house. The living room has been aquiring so many toys lately and none of them have been returning to the bedrooms. The hubby has also found is love for Airfix models again so this has also been spread over the dining table.

This week the kids bunk beds arrived and will be put together this week. We are planning on putting BG1 & LM in the same room for a while as they are closer in age than BG1 & BG2. Therefor we were also gong to sort out BG1’s bedroom and figure out where everything is going to go, also didn’t happen. Although BG1 did put away the last of her Christmas presents that were pled up in her bedroom.

So what did I do all weekend I hear you ask?

Well I did manage to put away the clean washing. We also set up the wii so BG1 could play her new game. I have restarted the Twilight movies much to my husbands delight.

Also this week even though I feel maybe this should have it’s own post, BG2 finally took her first steps. She is not very confident at the moment and tends to move just one foot resulting in walking around in circles. But she has done it. We are so proud of her and all her acheivemnets she has made since being born. It wont be long now before she is running all over the place creatng havoc where ever she goes.

This evening LM & BG2 were playing ball it was so adorable, BG2’s laugh is so infectious. The past few months I have struggled to create a balance with work, family and my blog.

This week I plan to sit down and make a new editorial calendar in order to help me get posts ready in time instead of lacking.

How did you spend your weekend? Was it as lazy as mine?

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